Troubled Cook

A humourous, reflective memory of my kitchen skills

John a drinking friend

Dedicated to a friend who died aged 40, and someone who left his mark on our village in a valued way

I'll Tell u What I Want(What I Really Really Want)

I want to leave my mark on the world, not a scar. I want to apologise to everyone I've ever hurt. I want to tell me gran that I really liked the...


My heart expands and swells to fill every crevice of my body. Filling me and devouring me. Pressing against my stomach, my lungs, my throat. Filling...

Henry Miller at Denny's

Too Long In California

Hating that you were right

After breaking up.....

Crime, The

A crime of passion

The Theft

The theft of a loved one

Into The Clean



Our daily images of thoughts. Whoa, another day down the drain.

God and Man

The two most important people in my life


"The planes came at nine," he said. "At two in the morning I buried my son. Then we left." "They warned us what was going to happen but we had no...

An interview with Forget-Me-Not

An interview with a purple flower

I Know for the First Time this is Love

This is for you My Boi, I will always love you more...

The Agency

Ray was just an ordinary, good guy, but then the agency can soon change all that.

Dead Inside

Hate and depression


out cast



Feng Shui

F is for Feng Shui ------------- Is it true that when a Feng Shui expert dies his past furniture passes in front of him?:

Mad Love

Strip us to the skin turn us inside out open veins of tears when we dive before we drown kiss seeping hideaways smell the joy that's never seen taste...