Dead Inside

Hate and depression


out cast



Feng Shui

F is for Feng Shui ------------- Is it true that when a Feng Shui expert dies his past furniture passes in front of him?:

Mad Love

Strip us to the skin turn us inside out open veins of tears when we dive before we drown kiss seeping hideaways smell the joy that's never seen taste...

You Can't Have It All.

2nd best - Better than nothing at all &;#063;


So tired as anything, he watches heat loss, like cold toast and flat champagne. Lethargic like a slug in beer, a handshake like Chocis Chewns, he...


a micro story of one man's obstacle

One Night Stand

The thoughts of a bloke in bed with a lass

Metaphors and Similes

Johnny's vision through narcotic headlamp eyes see; a dole queue like a urine stream with drained bodies like wrung swimsuits, therapist's comfort...

Wheel Keep Turning

A coment about the ever changing ideas and initiatives in teaching


How a simple clothing item can change your life.

Nowhere Near

Night's door opens you. I watch. Disembodied by distance a want haunts me: how you touch me and never touch me. In the past, this was enough. Now it...

D: Shadow Dog

Shadow Dog The battered pickup in the driveway meant Jenny's stepfather was home. She had hoped he wouldn't be released from the county jail early...

The day time stood still

dedicated to 11/09/01

Midnight Mystery

a ghost story...

Stanza 2000 read and reviewed

The scottish poetry festival 2000 a true story of two poets and.....

Useless Hands

His hands (as huge as shovels) Perch Gnarled, Idle on protruding kneecaps His hands (that once constructed a home for his spouse and his children)...

Poet At 12 O'Clock

You say you're "always falling over with little glimpses of what it might be like to stand up." I think it's more to do with your being on the brink...


Story written in the fashion of A Clockwork Orange.