The Ward

The young nurse strolled around the hospital maternity ward as usual starting her rounds then entered the nursery to check on the new-borns. She...

Effect: A Response

Next time you do that, don't!

Twentieth Century Faust

Strange that I find myself once more in this place, in this dark room, sitting at this desk. Strange that I should be back here after all this time,...

Eclipse of the Sun and Moon

Did You See The Eclipse of The Moon

Heaven Is A Bar

H is for Heaven Is A Bar -------------------- Heaven is a bar.It,s busy but not too busy.There,s a band on stage playing Led Zeppelin songs.On the...

C: Flattened and Flattered

wouldn't know how to describe it


he remembered the voices most of all hushed the knock on the door brought forth humilation silent defiance he was sent upstairs by his mother and sat...

Pretty Good

Does it make sense&;#063;

Kittian Road Warrior

Driving rules for the Carribean

Kookai Girl

how to meet the girl

Foggy Sunday (Dec !)

It was so foggy this Sunday as if the bloke meant to be painting today's views and distances and stuff just said "Sod it, it's tooo cold" and...

A Mover and a Skater

Learning to Skate

Tango in a Madhouse

Ten years ago in Hellingly


'Alone' isn't 'lonely'


watching you watching me