Raison d'etre

An impersonal love

Just Puppy...

Burying my face in his soft fur I cried and cried after Ben left.


A battle with self image proves a winner our heroine

The Career Woman

An alternative career woman in the lonliest city on earth

One Summer's Day

It is better to have loved and lost...

Full Stop

Having had enough

Electric Word Music

Poems consisting mostly of samples from classic literature.

This is Love

Nothing else has ever come close to this before... I know for the first time that this is love.

I Love You More...

To Chris... you cannot do the impossible but you've definately come close!

Nothing left unsaid

literary therapy


Giving in

It's just a numbers game (after all)

a motion to cahange the way we're told to live


Just when you think you can trust someone, they stab you in the back.

Q: Metaphorical

Trying to impress the world (i know it doesnt begin with Q!!)

B: Dimensions

My interpretation of 9-11


For Cody, a 3-year old heart disease victim

Death of Life

when someone dies

Life is Sweet

To Melanie, at four years old

To be in the NME

Evertything - A Manic Street Preacher rant about the music biz