Revenge in Drag

A man plots revenge on a former aquaintance but matters don't turn out as planned.

Taken by the Cleaner

A student teacher stays with his aunt but he's not what he seems, or is he&;#063;

New War

As a feeling of great tension grows Now is a time to be on your toes Powerful forces come into play Look for a dog that's had no day Is it a judgment...

The Heirloom

a short short story about a dining table


I don't write poetry, but this came out as poem rather than story.

Dry Blackthorn day

I wake up from intensely disturbing nightmares about serial killers hunting down me and my friends. Horrible twisted psychotic people who sneak into...

Breakfast of Champions

Morning Wood

C: Haiku of the Pacific Northwest

Haiku from living on a boat in the San Juan Islands


The general hubbub within the airport had long gone. The glaring fluorescent strip lights were no longer an issue. Slowly all claustrophobic symptoms...

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver The rain was falling in the city The girl waved her hand in the air The cab picked her up at the corner She was a pretty girl with long...


one night I had a drink too much


the people in our road


A poem about a fly

It's a Dog's Life!

A very short poem about the feelgood factor pets bring

Dog-food delivery

Why is a man throwing tins of Chum through a window &;#063; Damon Gulliver finds out...

Is Where the Heart is, Home

Our comfort zone

Habits die had, Old

The love that is addiction

One More Chance

The desperation of a gambler

The Workaholic

A sad existence that too many endure

Summer Hailstorms

Feeling Blue