DJ Chad

A DJ didn't save my life last night, but he gave me the kick in the butt I needed


Can sport and petry be mixed


A poem from my thoughts at a particular time

Whispers and Giggles

You can't help but wonder...and get annoyed

Can I take a moment from your life!

I'm suprised you let me have that moment People rushing and striving never give some time to a lost cause Or is that a misconception? I supposed if...

A Blank Screen

A poem for Cheri

Before I Head Out

Thoughts before going out to the club...

Summer adventure

A game of war turns out to be something quite sinister

Desert or Radfan

How a gorgeous woman can be so deceptive


Title says it all...

True Beauty

What is beauty&;#063;


Looking for the one isn't that bad

Our Living Essence

Looking into that part that makes who we are

My two Colleens

How I became aware of girls

You won't be mine

someone special

Chaos or Nativity Play

My Last days at the primary school

The church outing

A story of a young lad growing up in an Irish Community during the 1950's


thanks angel for being always with me

Perfect butt

end of the party