Z) drifting

drifting through shredded memories and vapour dreams. living on vitamins and glucose and cheap whisky. never remember the names the faces come and go...

Eye of the Beholder


I thought I saw you

I thought I saw you last night, Walking briskly through Paddington Station. I thought I saw you, Your hair brushed by an unknown breeze, A secret...

Untitled fragment 2 - a poetic evolution

Original ----------------- dry stagnant fragments of burnt summer dragged through saline warmth and nurtured steam intoxicated segments of fire,...

Dream Sequence i

small sounds loiter amongst desert memories slipping beneath the sand like ancient tombs and the birds sang songs pugnacious amongst ashes and...

Shutter Ended

end and ending, sleek and slither and blink chatter shutter, clack clack in the black damp dry in the sharp metal clink in the box rattle shutter...

Polystyrene Cup

A Couplet for Couples


Quick breath, heavy and hard. The dark night looms towers settles and breaks. Heavy and hard the ground rises. The foot falls and the short breath...

Ode to The Pink Couch

Published in issue 1 of Nude Tent Torso magazine

Life Changingly Dangerous

Look In, Look Out. He walks past you with no airs Yet the eyes... Do not Look back. For if you do You know.. You will forever look elsewhere. What is...

A satire To War

Food for Thought


RHINE PASSAGE. Through cool dark Forests their journey lay By shimmering river, yards of golden vine, Rested `neath honey dripping blossom trees,...

Dark Game

( Dark Game: a story from the musalchemist chronicles. An Off-shoot from Vinyl Magic and Immortality. It's not necessary to read Vinyl Magic or...

Grieving Blues

too much

Grieving Blues

too much



Don't judge people

The warm breeze swept across the untouched land, a land no one has seen. The land was ugly and up rooted. The ground was dry and cracked. One man...

A Case Of Double Amnesia

A cautionary tale of amnesia.

B: Chapter 1 (start)

Chapter 1 The 6th of June 2006 I had planted more than enough explosive into the car, set to go the moment I opened the door. I had to die again...