True Beauty

What is beauty&;#063;


Looking for the one isn't that bad

Our Living Essence

Looking into that part that makes who we are

My two Colleens

How I became aware of girls

You won't be mine

someone special

Chaos or Nativity Play

My Last days at the primary school

The church outing

A story of a young lad growing up in an Irish Community during the 1950's


thanks angel for being always with me

Perfect butt

end of the party

Once upon my Father's House

This is my Father's tea garden,


Ocarina She wore an Ocarina round her neck and she was beautiful. Her arrival was unexpected and at first I had thought it fortuitous; chance had...

Voice of Concern

she loved to hear the sound of her screeching voice. she screeched all day long. at her children. at the radio, the television at her husband (...


the love I have for my grand-mon is endless

River Speaks, (The)

A little truth here, a little truth there, first thing you know, you've got fiction.

In Tunnel

In Tunnel Pain, Like barbed wire or Bee sting upon skin or Sound of drill in broken down dentist chair. I went to pieces. I went to pieces ha! ha!...

A Stormy Night

A night of story-telling in the dark...

La Pistola

Violence from violence.


The metaphor for mental breakdown.

The Bridge

A part of Ireland forever burnt