Struggle to overcome lost love


Struggle to overcome lost love


Struggle to overcome lost love


Before we met, My life was a void. Yet now, a warmth has filled my heart. A sense of happiness and sorrow Whenever you enter or leave the room...


Struggle to overcome lost love


Why do you travel to the other side of the world&;#063;


self explanitory, its nothing TOO dirty tho, its very subtle

Oh What a Lucky Guy

People see me walkin' down the street They smile and they say nice to meet ya'. And when I walk away they say to themselves, "Oh What A Lucky Guy!" I...

Robust Love

A humongous Love

My Breath

To my Love

For years i struggled...

Education, health

Lucky Lucky

Chorus: I can't get no Lucky-Lucky I can't get no Sucky-Sucky I can't get no piece of mind I can't get no girls behind I went down to the corner stoe...

I Will Go

Unto the ends of the earth.

Four Magikal Stones

soemone is out to get the fourth stone, but who&;#063;


I remember The long stretches of sand, The clear blue sea. The sun on my face, The light in your eyes. Your arms around me, Holding me tight. The...

Present Tense

He picked up the card from the browser unit and stared at the image. Of all the nauseating anniversary cards with their soppy messages, this...

Clouds Over The Moon

a Semi auto-biography of my childhood

God's Worker

We are all one.

City of Chances

Friday night and the streets of Central London are saturated with the heavy scent of perfumed rain.I'm tired and lashed with the kind of British...

The Thrill of the Chase

the only thing that matters is that you run for the joy of it.