Bread upon the water

We weren't actually supposed to be there but we discovered a hole in the fence you could get your bicycle in through too or lifted over the fence...

Give Me

a dream. Just one more like the ones I used to have-- a best friend who lived in Rouyn. Herve his name. A quiet fellow – a great pal; and my first...

The Time my 6-year-old Sister Met Neem Karoli Baba

One time my mom was given a book about a mysterious enlightened wise-man who lived in India. The cover of the book showed a very kind man wrapped in...
Gold cherry

Day on the Heart of Wales Railway

Chugging along through the heart of Wales, one or two coaches hugging the rails … lush fertile fields, and soft hillsides surround, bridging bright rivers … After four hours journey, we’ll savour the sight of Singleton Park, and the sea and the sand, and return up the line by the evening light.
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Ball Bearing....

This is my 500th submission so it has to be a big one. You've seen some of the trailers but this is the movie. I hope you stop by for a read. It's been tremendous fun so far and in some ways....this is the beginning

The Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Stale furnace. Drizzling close to my skin; a silver sheath. I had no word for drizzling of course Not in English nor in my...

In Susan’s Room. England, May 1982

In Susan’s Room. England, May 1982 Outside. Red roses and creosote. Overalls and medium wave. Jimmy Saville spins the hits from the years. Inside. We...


They say Depression strips away illusion and lets you see things more honestly and clearly. Welcome to my world.

Now I'm Sixty Three

I have a hearing aid and a walking stick and as I fast approach 64 I decided to look back at my 63 years from a personal perspective

Turning Point

Endless land thrills in silent meditation just before release of heavy showers... hedges wreathed with glistening globules as offering of puddles...