2020 South Africa 80s'

There have been many stories and books movies and documentaries about struggle heroes freedom fighters and the terrible suffering under apartheid and...

Smokin' on the porch

I used to spend my weekends like this.

Leggings - development

The rumours fly, the Beast woman herself, secure in her self image of the woman who is the woman for all men, above all others. Decided on a target,...
Gold cherry

Aversion Therapy

These are the things that keep me up at night, all stitched together . I will say these words twice daily, gently, and watch them lose their power or...

Leggings - update

By night they come a wandering from the depths of the world to the sirens call,as I lay sleepy at the end of the torture period. Gift giving is their...

Tales from yonder

Do you remember those 80's watches with a calculator on the front?

Last time I saw you

And I still remember how you looked the last I saw you. Hair tied in pig tails, grey skull cap we bought on Northcote road; it was cheap but looked...

Dear Mum,

Sitting in the garden, the brief memory of your voice echoes through trees, carried on happy breezes that cool the spirit. Recollections come...

My Heart Belongs to The Highlands (Part2)

Returning to school in mid-August brought a sadness amongst us kids. It symbolised the end. Although the summer days continued for a few more weeks,...