Waiting on Mitch

Monday, March 27, 1967 I had a crush on my sister’s girlfriend, which ended up getting me a seat at the RKO theater on east 58th street. My sister...

The Avant-Garde Con Artist

On any given school-day morning in 1968 I could be found sleeping on the bathroom floor. Curled up on the bathmat trying to recapture a goodnight’s...

GI Joe and the Johnny Pump

I was once one of God’s little soldiers, off to church to confess my sins and make an act of contrition. Forgive me father . . . Say three Our...

Parlez-vous français?

The art of communication.

Al in Minneapolis

My work at Fargo Clinic finished at 9 p.m. but instead of going back to the dorm I went right to the train depot and sat alone, reading, until the...

Al and the Hernia

A week went by and I had no letter from Al. I was very disappointed and then thought I'd write to him anyway. But before my letter had a chance to...

Up, Up and Away

Just before we release our books, it is important to answer the question "what's it about" in a way that will introduce not only the content but the process within the book that will be both invigorating and inspiring. It will serve as the introduction. Here's mine.

Another Year

Another Year I remember unwrapping my new CD before visiting you I remember as we talked about football and you asked me to shave you I remember your...
Gold cherry

The Fresh Air Kid

That clock you see in the Lost Weekend — the one Ray Milland looks up at when he’s standing in front of the closed pawn shop is located at 1501 Third...