Looking for Andrew (Journal 2)

A journal of my relationship with a young homeless man.
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Looking for Andrew (Journal 1)

A journal of my relationship with a young homeless man.

My worst nightmare

It was the middle of one cold winter's night, when I woke to the sound of plastic being moved. Being still half asleep and hoping I was wrong, I kept...
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Ali, Frazier, Chuvalo and Evelyn

Since we're on the topic of idols, this is a combination of three snippets that I wrote about my idol, Muhammad Ali. Yes, once again, you've seen the trailers but this is more of the movie and a glimpse at my upcoming book.


double eval_form(int *error, char *form) { double answer =0, no1=0, no2=0; int loop=0, nega=0, opvalid=0, place=0; c=0; s=0; while(form[c]!='%') {...


void eval_brkt(int *error, char *form, int *start, int *end, int *bracket, int *length) { int loop=0,size=0; char *ecopy=NULL; char *nbrac=NULL; char...


// void find_brkt(int *error, char *form, int *start, int *end, int *bracket, int *length) { int loop, loop2, rgtbrac=0; loop=loop2=0; *length=strlen...

eval_parser (Part 1).

// Reverse Polish Parser. double eval_parser(char* newyk, int *error) { double answer=0; switc=newyk[x]; if ((switc=='%') && (x==0)) // In...

eval_parser() (Part 2) & Misc. Parser functions.

if (switc=='%' && texas[s-1]=='%') { putcalif('%'); break; } } while (!(switc=='%' && texas[s-1]=='%')); // form3=(char *) calloc ((...


// Evaluate and store contents of a cell in szBuffer. void evaluate_cell(int column, int row, char type, char *szBuffer, char top, char *genetic) {...