Hotel, where do you go when you are not with us? You must have another home, but who knows you better than us? Do they know that you love your milk?...

No Grandad in His Things

We disembowelled my Grandad’s house after he died. One minute in 1985 his house was like it had always been. Model kits of the Cutty Sark and HMS...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Pad Life: The Elephant In The Room

The nights are drawing in. Closing the blinds may be the best option. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons

Caffeinated in Woolwich

(This is from my mini-book on amazon: ) We sit in deep faux leather sofas at the new Coffee Lounge in Woolwich, with a large...

Devices of Torture

I truly hated shoes when I was a kid. No, I’m not a barefoot hippy, I hate being barefoot. I love to wear stuff on my feet. My nan and grandad owned...

Abc Print

Abctales is a publisher in full right. Why would you want to publish (printed page)? You get hundred times more exposure on the web and "it's all...

Redemption Dimension

Redemption is a refocusing, a relief and a release. Once we got glasses as kids, the BIGGEST fear of them all was losing those glasses. The remedy...

The camel ride - Egypt Trip 5

When we first booked to ride on a camel, there as quite a bit of excitement and interest about it. But now, Pat had changed her mind, and the rest of...

Dear Dad … 3)

(For the third of these letters, I had been working on trying to explain some of the moral pressures and changes of 50 years on, but not an easy topic, but, prompted by the current IP, I thought I should persevere.)