In a World gone Mad: 1 July 2020 ... 2

She has a rash and is scratching all the time. She’s going through a furious moult, I’ve never seen a dog loose so much hair. I’ve been asking to get...

In a World Gone Mad: 1 July 2020...1

Wednesday 1 July 2020 I have found some time to write—it will probably be about five minutes before Max comes back from dropping Andy off at this...

Activating Adrien

Everybody is looking to learn something. Some people are searching to learn everything. To those searching for everything, I have this advice. Start...

Drinking Rubbing Alcohol

My cousin's sister died four years before he did. She died in 2015. She was addicted to a prescription drug. Her name was Christine. I don't know...
Gold cherry
Pick of the Month

Pad Life: Summer's Here!

It's toes weather... Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and this article is about my dad. His name was Charles Franklin Johnson. He was born on October 18, 1947 and he died on July 13...

Outsiders, and the clubhouse door

a strange piece on something or other - poemy prose written when writing about Inclusion, representation, alienation, #BLM, social protests and Such..

In A world Gone Mad: Saturday 13 June 2020...2

I finished editing Paul’s book yesterday, that’s another one in the bag. The paid one I’m currently working is deadlined for tomorrow and I have...

In A world Gone Mad: Saturday 13 June 2020...1

Saturday 13 June 2020 This is going to be a very quick entry. I haven’t written for days because I’m up to my eyes in editing books for other people...

Hollywood Boulevard......A Ghost Between Stars

It was my first walk on Hollywood Boulevard as I passed Grauman's Chinese Theatere. Enter the Dragon was on the marquee. I remember thinking how...