Mopping I love it. It's great. Now sweeping, that is a whole different game entirely. You see, I see sweeping as I kind of double-whammy. There is...

Jack and the Night

Jack and the Night It was dark when Jack awoke. He had only meant to have an afternoon nap, and had intended to be awake well before sunset, but...

Loving Arms

The Peace and Joy found in God.

What is it&;#063;

What is it that you live for? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What makes you look up at the rainy skies And still turn around and smile?...

Matter is Spirits Canvas

Matter is spirits canvas I see you; A supreme work of art. Looking at you, reflects glory in me. For I know that I am blessed, wedded, to this time...

Transit Van

I woke up under a TV mast

I Can Say

Simple words from my heart to God.

Slanting Pain

Slanting rain, Ease my pain, Tear new tears, From tired eyes. Chasing gale, Cease my wail, Tear old fears, From mired mind.

Sign of the times

I've often heard it said That ' The more things change the more they stay the same'. And the intricate intricacy I dread The notion so simple and...

The fool

thought as a buddhist

East River

Grumbling Mrs Mumble itching along the bridge spitting spite at Canary Wharf lit up like a constant fridge chains jangle in a falsetto wind seagulls...

Mountaintop Lessons

Patience is a virtue, but I still can't wait.

Volcanic manic

Sprayeth' evrywhere!!


Philosophise shall we.


A glimpse


How to get there.

Welcome Home Snowbaby

I was born at home on the day of the great snowstorm, March 14th 1964. I was a late guest to this table of life. However, it must be said, and with a...


It's all about young James.


the mundanity of break up