G reen waters lapping in eternal sound engulfed a bay of moonlit tranquil shore. A soft warm wind scattered the scudding clouds, turned playfully and...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (78) A Solicitor’s Restraint

Pangbourne, Parker and Knowles were a firm of Shallowfield Solicitors with a very good reputation and a varied clientele and they handled a wide variety of legal work and kept a healthy number of Solicitors and large number of staff gainfully employed.

Downfall Of Guinevere And Arthur

Standing in silence beneath an apple sky, emotions like ice cream clouds formed then melt away, hidden thoughts kept safely locked inside, remember...

Downshire Diary – (79) The Matchmakers Match

Olivia Conway was a theatre sister at the Winston Churchill Hospital and she was a rather ordinary looking middle-aged woman just the wrong side of 50.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (75) Oh Claire (Part 02)

When Claire woke up the next day she was laying on her back draped along the sofa, she tried to lift herself up but the pain in her head persuaded her otherwise and she closed her eyes and went back to sleep and dreamed romantic dreams.

Mother Of Space

Mother Of Space by Paul McCann Mother of space bridge the distance that would keep us apart . Mother of space touch the closeness of you here in my...
Gold cherry

A Winter's Tale

Summer's over, autumn's here, winter's on the way... (the photograph is one of mine)

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (75) Oh Claire (Part 01)

Claire Jarvis went to the University of Downshire where she studied English at Abbottsford and it was for her, like many girls of her age, a life defining time.

A question for the accusers

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] To Jesus they brought this one they had caught in breaking the law – Christ came to restore those sorry for...

The Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa – The Nativity of Mary Day

The beautiful Downshire village of Clerembeax St Giles was situated to the west of Abbeyvale located between Grace Hill and Bushy Down and on the outskirts was the Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa.