The Sea Low, Green

As I stand here at the edge, watching the sea, low, green I allow myself to ponder and get to grips with what you mean At eternity's gate, I see it:...

Night Creatures

Imagine! If you will walls of rock Silhouettes roused from sleeping, Attentive, downward swooping, How curious strange screeching, Hanging in...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (84) May and December (Part 04)

He sat in the woods as the paramedics attended to India’s friend and the firefighters, who had arrived on scene to rescue a stricken girl instead had to recover her body.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (84) May and December (Part 03)

The loud girl, who he recognized, though he couldn’t remember her name, had bruises and abrasions but was otherwise unscathed but she was clearly in shock

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (84) May and December (Part 02)

He was about thirty minutes into his walk when the skies darkened again and the rain started to fall once more and he knew it was too far for him to make a dash for the car because by the time he reached the car he would have been soaked to the skin and so he quickly scrabbled deeper into the wood fearful he would get even wetter if indeed that were even possible.

Not Hypocrites

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] When we’ve opportunity for kind acts of charity, (not to feed our vanity, or for popularity): if some note,...

Spirit of the Age 2 (What Purpose)

Rock Rock Rock, Ha Ha Ha, I can feel the fear in the western world, Our children turned into punks, Spitting hate and derision, Creating sarcasm,...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (84) May and December (Part 01)

The lightning struck, intensely bright, followed in almost the same instance, by the thunderclap directly overhead so loud that it shook the car and then the rain began and fell heavily in large drops beating a frantic tune on the car roof.

Spirit of the Age 1

Eclectic Electric, I stay up all night, into the night, Writing the lyrics of the Golden Age, I put Hawkwind on YouTube, when I should have been in...

Uncanny Love Tales – (06) Hidden in Tweed

Peter Nesbitt was staying in Braithwaite at the Coledale Inn for a few days, it was his brother Johnnies idea, a short break in the Lake District, a change of pace and some R&R, unfortunately Johnnie’s idea of rest and relaxation was the consumption of copious quantities of Jennings Ale.