A tale of the unexpected


The hourglass of night- mute nocturnal loneliness upstairs people dream.


I know your blue shadows: the cold white bright of you dazzles me with distance untrod by my understanding this doubt great as sky and I so long to...


I contemplate ice- notebook is solidified ideas frozen

I first got drunk at 9

how alcohol can effect your life


to inspire a simple act no matter how small

Friendly Fire

A cautionary tale from a holiday island.

Winter Season

"SHARED THOUGHTS" Winter Season The season has changed to winter, the same as every other year. Brings with it that abundance of magic landscapes, so...


Two husbands, one wife!

Xmas Past

Christmas Past The festive season is with us again just as every year. Presents adorn the living room and faces beam a cheer. Glasses filled to the...

Moderations a good thing

advice for the young at heart

Glittering Tree

Christmas Tree I am grown for people's pleasure for those festive Christmas nights. They stand me in a barrel, dressed in a multitude of flashing...

Old and New Friends

Old and New Friends Old friends or new friends, it does not matter from where or when. And always at Christmas time, cards with best wishes we send...

D: Max the Wanker

I awoke at about half past ten, already two hours late for work. It was more than likely that they had already noticed and got someone else in to...

Just another heartbreak

If only this wasn't love.


It's not always necessary to divorce an abusing husband.

The Red Knight's Last Battle

Waist deep in dead men he struggled free Just as the enemy sounded their retreat! Red soldiers shouted victory around him! Until....

Two Witnesses

Young girl is forced into marriage by her father

Chinese Dragon

Grandson helps his grandmother build a dream home

Ogre Hands

I had but blinked; and there I was. With yearning memory of the moment I had left - my window, lead winter, Cosy coffee and cigarette, 'Ready Steady...