you do see me thinking and thank me for actually returning that obligatory hug and being patient of my youth. I misspent my innocence on you. I'm...

Big Fight at Time's Square

I forgot briefly how awkward I am. I really am thin and round-shouldered, preen and impish. I am still egotistical, hinting in lecture at beautiful...

Napoleon was fat

Napoleon was fat. His fat, however fictional, saturated bath oils globally; trenches, ravines, bathhouses noted his elements. No one could get enough...

Ant revolution

learn how to storytell catch your train of thought before it catapults into the badlands take two aspirin a glass of juice and a Saint John's Wort...

I am one man

I almost choked down the sweet juice of the white freezie. I am priviledged.

The Cheap Opera Society

"la, la, la" "za!" ZING - this column of rows and blocks grows to nil this mathematical departure. i want to go away and not have to participate in...

Soap, jam, cars, paper....whatever

A joke or does it piss me off...&;#063;


We live with our choices....and our regrets

Wee Sammy

Wee Sammy Preparation for work was religiously thorough. It involved the consumption of one bottle of Buckie, two cans of Breaker Malt Liquor and a...

Dog Food

The author would like to stress that no animals were harmed during the writing of this story


The bitter realisation of life wasted

All Things Under The Sun

Love in a perfect world - If only.

The One She Loves

Love - pure and simple.

Spike,s In The Boot

S is for Spike,s In The Boot ------------------------ The late Peter Sellers was always worried about one thing or another.He also took cars "on...

Cabaret Of Angels

After a visit to a lap dancing club.

Where I'll Be

We're only passing through.

Night Shift

Bitterness Of Working Through The Night

The Morning After

Another day another date


Chemistry of love

Once More With Feeling

Fighting for love