Operation Tiger

A Tribute To Those Who Died In "Operation Tiger" during Practice For D Day 1944 in Lyme Bay England and a tribute to "Mr Ken Small" RIP whose book "The Forgotten Dead" inspired this poem.


My sister and I could not be put down on the afternoon in 1978 when our parents took us to visit our great aunt at a retirement community in...

Downtown destitution

Another cold night in the city.

Koh Lipe

Wearily, smilingly, your dusty hands pass me another lychee and rest back on your feet. You take another sip of your Chang. This is a

The Clock

I moved the clock The liberty was there When I looked The space was bare. The clocked closed At three past ten Sequentially managed To impede my pen.

Reading Over Life

something he said

Violence is Golden

For when you just need space (again, its not the most technical of pieces)


A girl gets bashed up because she's Latina

Different Shades of Anger

A girl has multiple personality disorder

Too much beer!

A true and tragic tale of a tidal wave of ale...


After the discovery of bomb-making materials at a nearby bar, the friendly bartender who is also our neighbor was taken in for questioning and held...

False Universal

A man from Fort Greene was interviewed today for your position. He is an excellent candidate. He told me he liked the idea of working here and, as he...


The court documents revealed that throughout the trial the defendant, a prominent historian at the University of Minnesota, had fixated on the slang...

What is called love

Finding love, how long must it take.

N: Larquita's Catering Service

My first attempt at a humorous story, be kind.

May 1988

The sunlight on the garden bounced off the heads of daisies, uncut in the long grass. The lawn sloped upwards towards a thick, thorny hedge, part of...

My Bad Dream

Today, I had the conversation With my mother that should Have happened years ago. She dead, me guiltily pleading. The coffin was too Neat and tidy...

A dandelion Bluff.

Gus, in his demise had an unespected visitor

People Who Like Meg Ryan

They're the people who shop in the Bear-Factory And cry with Oprah. They're the people who buy huge Valentines In pink. They're the people who laugh...

The end of Summer came so early

This is the prologue to Mischief for all those who wanted to know what happened to Carrie