The Haruspex

The Haruspex He makes little parcels of his dirty clothes, wrapping his pastel shirts around the dark, discarded jocks and socks, as though he were...

On the Point

On the Point Restless, restless the surf beat whispers, telling stories at two in the morning, turning the agate and amethyst pebbles in its mouth...

Guide to Life

Wanting to live in a dream, But locked in misery, Do we finally realise What our goals really are. Aiming too high, Running too fast, We avoid and...

Secret layers

Find me pull off the layers Flimsy skin of cigarette papers Its only the secrets which conceal me

Angel Kiss

In love we blossom, In fear we shrink, In our minds, We do but think. Why am I here? Why am I me? Why can I not be kissed by an angel, And have...

Kiss Me

If love be gentle, If love be kind, Kiss me now, Soothe my mind. If life be tough, If life be rocky, Kiss me now, Make me feel lucky. Be my saviour,...


Concern A doctor who works at the same hospital in Newark as our neighbor, Dr. Tetwhiler, was known for saving limbs doomed to amputation. In perhaps...

Acceptance of what MAY be&;#063;

The torment of settling for what you have.

Acceptance of what MAY be&;#063;

The torment of settling for what you have.

Words Written On The Back Of A Mirror

I begged, "Review for me the images of my past." You show no more than the present. I asked, "How much longer can this feature last?" Might each...

Acceptance of what MAY be&;#063;

The torment of settling for what you have.

Silent Demand

Silent Demand Through the silence I receive a Command, but I don't understand The implication so I Change the world instead. The silence is broken By...

I Remember...

writing exercise...

When you look back

When you look back When you look back, I wonder what of me you will remember&;#8230; My eyes? My laugh? The way I felt Underneath your hands? And...

Questions Of Ashland

Karl's Remember Biz

The Expatriate Game.

Joining the expatriates in Spain

Oldest friend

My goldfish died today. He was twenty nine. When I was six I'd wanted a donkey someone to hug bigger than me but the ripple of fluid bright sparkles...

Last Love

Tears trickled down her cheeks, As the waves lapped at the sand, Moist and somewhat rhythmic. Her heart pounding, Her mind racing, Memories flashing...

Q= Remember

Karl's writing exercise, improvised around a dumb idea that I've had for a while.