Trying to climb that mountain of hope But I keep on slipping back down And each time I reach a peak An avalanche bowls me to the ground The rock face...

Get Over It, Girl

Sitting here feeling alone Chilled to the bone Frozen of love The snow from above Melts when it touches me It's always winter without you And I have...

Don't harden to the World

Please don't harden to the world, my love Don't let it make you sour Keep your heart, pure and sweet And as open as a blooming flower Don't let the...

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Be careful how many steps you take away from love Eventually - you will have to retrace each one of them Count for each action Justify each manoever...

Ryan's Motto

My beliefs on life and love.

Somehow Misguided

Trying to work through a weekend.

There's no place like home

I had her - the love of my life. I know it. But the doctors say no...

Kera's Thoughts

Kera moved in my mind.


A revelation.

A Cloudy Wednesday Morning

This piece sort of flowed from the poeme.


I saw her on the train and she smiled, made me wonder.

Polka-Dot Days

Sadness for those lost days.

Cloudy Wednesday

Trying to change my focus of thought

Just looking

I rush about sloshing variously sized buckets of smelly, sludge grained water one into another as I remember we did in a primary school maths lesson...


And so the cycle begins. Monday comes round, I buy a paper, eagerly flicking straight to the job page. I send off my saes already having a fresh...

Obituary, Aut-

parting words.......

Shower cubicle Ballard

stuck in the shower, what would you do, I'd call for help, wouldn't you&;#063;

Favorite Teacher

A grade-school teacher's relationship with her students....

Lover's Spell

Golden nostalgia treasured, in a crumbling bouquet First chapter, my love, his destiny plucked Blood satin ribbon I'd cut in cynic care Curiousity...

The New Gynaecologist

A Prescription Came as a refugee, can't dream in this language, speaks it with care, tells patients olive oil is excellent for female health, doesn't...