R I Will Remember

An alzheimers caregiver's reflections

K For Kathy and Roy

honoring wedded bliss

Holy Hands

We are all uniquely crafted

J The Trooper(for Janet Fisher)

Remembering a victim of lung cancer

Story of a Flame

Remembering a Friend

If you could change your life

If you could turn back time, would you&;#063;

Swimming with the Sharks

The conclusion&;#063;

Tempest in the Sun

Working in the Canary Islands&;#063;

Taken for Granted

Crime, love, travel and more

Coffee Time story

Don,t Knock The Rock Hotel

D is for Don,t Knock The Rock Hotel ----------------------------------- I worked for a few years as a tobacco rep and my area took in Ayrshire and...

Revenge in Drag

A man plots revenge on a former aquaintance but matters don't turn out as planned.

Taken by the Cleaner

A student teacher stays with his aunt but he's not what he seems, or is he&;#063;

New War

As a feeling of great tension grows Now is a time to be on your toes Powerful forces come into play Look for a dog that's had no day Is it a judgment...

The Heirloom

a short short story about a dining table


I don't write poetry, but this came out as poem rather than story.

Dry Blackthorn day

I wake up from intensely disturbing nightmares about serial killers hunting down me and my friends. Horrible twisted psychotic people who sneak into...

Breakfast of Champions

Morning Wood