Wiggins writing exercise

unadulterated and off the top of my head

The Puzzle

It's not up to me to tell you where you're going Or where you should be coming from I'm not going to tell you what you should be doing Or where I...

Silent Tears

Silent Tears Where is the love we have lost in lust? I cried in whispers, Yet laughed out loud. Loved in silence, But lusted so proud. I tried to...

Building Blocks

I won't be left behind with my stoned mind With opportunities lost and gone I will ride with the winds and tide And be born in each morning sun My...

Hearts and minds of wen

I've seen it on the broadcasts I've seen it in magazines I hear it on the radio I see it on TV screens I see it everyday my friends I see were going...

Silent Tears

Silent Tears Where is the love we have lost in lust? I cried in whispers, yet laughed out loud. I loved in silence, but lusted so proud. I tried to...

One Dream

When I'm hypnotized by the earth and sky's I see no difference between truths and lies With all our perceptions of the way it's meant to be I see...

Gorilla Stone, The

what happens when there's nowhere left to go&;#063;

Old Pier

The clock tick tocks, The night comes near, The darkness rolls in, Upon the old pier. The footsteps echo, Throughout the cold night, The silence lies...

C: I Don't Know

Part 3 of Karl's creative writing vibe.

Don't beg, don't read, don't create, just steal

inspiration for potential rock/popstars in the making

Your heart

so in love with you star x


You might not guess a person's sign correctly.

Ah, Favourite City

It is, of course, the Colombian capital.


I enjoy the freedom of my own place, Pretty with flowing trees. I sit and stare up in space, This is the place to be. No engine noise, no kids that...

Solitary Robin

The bird with whom I shared my spud.

Above Troubled Waters

Clouds, might I hide in your cusp. Cushion me gently from the day. Over the bridge span, let me sway. Look down on mankind, all lost in their moment...

X- The Spider Weaves..

The spider weaves its web; as we weave ours. Waits patiently for its prey, legs tentatively sensing the movement of each strand. So that if something...

Zzzz - Snore and Peace

anything for a good nights sleep


A piece of travel writing, duh