In the Late Summer of Life

Can't Sing Won't Sing

This poem is dedicated to a charismatic music teacher and his success with the creation of a school choir

Attic Portal

Clearing out the attic. What a journey.

The Image Of The Christ Child

I have a personal dislike of media hype and the way in which I feel overwhelmed, even drowned by the masses of information that comes flying at me these days. It got me thinking in a sort of sardonic way about the Christ Child arriving today and how it would be handled. Yes, it carries a Christian message, but it is also a side-swipe at the modern world of instant communication and the media circus.

Am I lucky ?

Supply teaching sums me up completely. I can't live with teaching and I can't live without it. It's 09.10 and the 'phone didn't ring today. Thank f**...

Am I Lucky (2) ?

I spoke too soon. The phone rang and I was transformed into Hurricane Forest (my pen name not a real hurricane) dislodging all before me to be...

The Longest Day

The Longest Day The run up to Christmas Day has inevitably changed for me over the years and I guess there a quite a few factors involved. If I set...

Years Ago Yesterday

Years Ago Yesterday Years ago, yesterday Diamond dreams of happy days Only the good remain Yesterday? That was years ago Flickering, fading thoughts...

My Creation Story... so far

My Creation Story God just won’t leave me alone and goodness knows I’ve done some running over the years. From a crèche just weeks old to where I...

Never Ending Never Beginning

Never Ending: Never Beginning Event one Or so they say Linear time makes no sense Or are we in a circle never ending or beginning I’m going to die...

Cold Heart Dancing

Cold Heart Dancing Strait as the arrow from Cupid’s bow She fired a coy smile in his direction Love lit the fire in her longing soul This nimble...

Today Will Soon Be Yesterday

Today my very soul shines and just like the sun, my face radiates a light so bright it dazzles those who gaze upon my countinence. Yesterday the...

Time To Love ?

I've just survived Valentines Day and I mean only just. Yes I know it's a cynical way to be, but that is what I have been made...cynical. I am not a...

Am I Turning Into My Dad ?

Am I Turning Into My Dad I live with a fear that one day I will become the very man I cursed and it depresses me beyond belief. My thoughts on my...

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams Counting the tiles on the ceiling should be for madmen. People who loop again and again to the same obsessive focal point. ‘one, two,...

Snug and the Dream

A Snug Fit: Why I really am Snug the Joiner Chapter 1 Early years I hated school. Well, not from day one, but mostly from when I entered juniors in...

A Dream in Puberty

A Vision Beyond Puberty Nearly fifty years on from the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, I’ve decided its time to finally tell the world. Like any...

Helpless Thing

Helpless Thing From the first fumbling light Of dawn’s bugle call. He possesses my waking hours In total devoted care. Not for an instant can I rest...

Lonely Dawn

Lonely Dawn The brief mist of an early light weakens, fades Before the pale strands of sun show the way In a crazy world non-stop rushing, The hush...


Haunted Across the corridor an old lady cries “nurse, NURSE!” for the umpteenth time. She sees and hears only in the dark shadowy recesses of her...


Hanger The heart cried “I am the organic metronome that sets the rhythm of life. From second one to the fading light I beat a drum, counting the...

Sober Tomorrow

Sober Tomorrow I must have slept, but it doesn’t feel like it. I tried to stop last night; I really did, but the first thing a drink does is switch...

Watching Kettles

Watching Kettles Time has become a fascination for me; nay an obsession even. As I seem to hurtle through my autumn years it seems to be accelerating...

Rest Little One Rest

Little One, Rest A little candle just went out Rest little one, rest. Three short days Now forever young Rest little one, rest. I can’t supress my...

Is He Human (or is he Dancing?)

Is He Human (or is he Dancing?) Ed ‘Astaire’ Balls Courted cat calls It shows just how neat Can be two left feet

Destination Dimensions Unknown

Destination Dimension Unknown I love the way atheists seem so certain of the non-existence of God. There is also the tired old line about ‘If there...

Run To The Rocks

Run To The Rocks Lord won’t you hide me? I’m lonely again… Been a bad boy. Lord won’t you hide me? ‘You miss so much Joy and laughter When you run...

Tell The Truth?

Tell The Truth? Noble lies Or Hidden truth? Shield of strength Or running scared? Time to tell, Or maybe not. Burdened secrets Or sweet release?...

No Interest In Us

No Interest In Us I am of no interest to her Nor my like who feed her. Only numbers, Libre in excelsior, In Gloriana ring her bell. Scraping by,...

Silly O'clock

Silly O’Clock Life shuts down in the wee small hours It’s silly o’clock Mourning the sun Petals clench unborn seeds, Wrapped tight ‘till dawn It’s...

Then Morning Came

Then Morning Came Twisted in my mind, Trampled memories Half- vision, half nightmare Return to taunt me. Why when I seek her Does she elude my...

A Hungry Goal

A half serious, half humourous look at the 'beautiful game'


A simple choice....?

Road Rage

I saw two cars up ahead of me the other day and it was a terrifying example of road rage as each fought to be first.

Someone Died Today

I have a dark side and this is a part of my coping with the selfish thoughts that surrounded me that day.

Shine Please - Somewhere

Okay, so I'm selfish. The first decent rain for weeks in my village and I moan...well sort of. Most of us find it easier to rise really early when it's sunny, but when it rains...

Someone Died Today (2)

Events past have continued to have an effect on my when I conteplate the plight of the mentally ill.

Didn't Mean To Hurt

Inspired by the effect of words and Rhiannon''s piece I began to think about hurtful words said in haste

Open Fire

Open Fire Carbon-dated flames Lick the chimney Dancing as they go. Flickering, flying Weaving one-off patterns Hypnotic dreams In mellow orange and...

The Scales of Life

I just had to have a go at this week's inspiration point after reading so many inspiring pieces...

The Sixties....In My Sixties

The Sixties…In My Sixties This morning is beautiful and I really mean that. The sun beats down upon the breath-taking countryside that cradles our...

The Tower That Wept

A wonderful woman has left us...for Irene Brown rip
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In Defence Of Grey

Seriously…..! Is There ANY Other Colour? M’lud, the defence offers the following evidence in the case of Grey vs The Rainbow… The colour Grey...

Ripples On A Pond

Ripples are a well used writers device and this is my turn

My Kind Of Twitter

The image is a little small, but I hope the reader can see it clearly

Curiosity 2004 Recycled

Curiosity 2004 Reycled The psychology of Tali our family cat will remain a mystery we will never unravel or come close to comprehending. Philosophers...

Limerick On Limericks

Limericks have five lines it is true But poets are oft left to rue As they head for the door Why lines three and four Don't rhyme with lines one and...

I Searched Everywhere

Trying to remember the good times; failing and then a scent transports me...

A Journey To The Buffers Ch 1

I had a long love affair with trains and ultimately achieved my dream before moving on to teaching. I start as all stories do with 'In the beginning...' and I begin at St Pancras in 1958. None of the stories are fictional, but I claim the writers perogative to 'jazz up certain bits'

A Journey To The Buffers Ch 1 (3)

I visited a preserved railway recently and was slightly bemused to see the individual break all the pipes but not replace them and then proceed to...

In Mid-Summer My Dream Came True - Almost

In 68 I saw a young Judy Dench in A Midsummer Night's 2016 I trod the hallowed boards at Stratford as Snug The Joiner..but I never forgot the power and the majesty of her performance long ago in the very same play
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Poem of the week

I'll Be Your Romeo...

Not all young loves end this way, but I've seen a few examples.

El Condor Pasa

Inspired by the beatiful pan pipe music I so love and by a version of the tune taken without lyrics. permission for photo applied for

Loving You

The cliches and the wise words on love are endless. Loving You meant dark times for me in the 80's, but now means an anthem of joy to both of us.

Return To Sender

A kind of dig at the wealthy and the frankensteinian idea or designer babies.

When One Door Closes

My life has I suppose been like many others, but for me the years of 1973/4 literally changed my entire life. The picture is our house two winters ago... a real home.

Now I'm Sixty Three

I have a hearing aid and a walking stick and as I fast approach 64 I decided to look back at my 63 years from a personal perspective

Why Go South For Summer

Millons year of ancient forests dug up in an instant and burnt... Copywrite free image

Will We Ever Listen

Not surprisingly there is an underlying theme of global warming in a lot ot the Inspiration Point submissions. This covers an ancient warning that also went unheeded...

Just Suppose There Was Another Me

I talk to myself, but I know what the answers will be. I tried to imagine a mirror of me, but with independent thought........

What To Say?

A dear friend near the end...

Catcher Of The Fly

I'm no arachnophobic, but I steer well clear of these deadly killers... Image copyright free

Rediscovering Living

The first day of the school holidays when teachers and parents swap frowns and smiles. I have been on both sides and I say " let them both rest" My lot now and parents in September....

At Long Last

I was inspired by Onemorething and the piece he/she wrote. I always loved to walk the empty corridors after we had dismissed the children.

What Do You See?

In the last week we cleared my mother in law's house. This is the biographical account of her favourite room and her favourite chair. I pray the reader will forgive a little self-indulgent nostalgia.


I wonder if the editors will rule me 'offside' with this Inspiration Point piece, Heck! It was fun to right anyway...


Been busy editing and missed the IP for young and old...

Ten To One

A poem with one pun too many for a man who had one bet too many....ten years without a bet


My wife and I often say 'I hate you, now I'm singing it....(evil grin ensues )

It's Only A Word

Love...a four letter word often misused. The final stanza is where you will find me now. The picture is of a wonderful friend, confidant, lover and wife.

Self First Self Last

All I wanted was just one item at the shops and all I saw was senseless hoarding and selfish behaviour.

Now's A Good Time For Sleep

If my father-in-law slept in strange room with a clockwork clock he would put it in the drawer amidst the I miss the sound.

Looking at Myself

I stared at my shaking hand It trembled in uncertain fear No avenging sword No mighty purpose My crusade to save the World To be a hero adored by all...

Born To Fly

Acturally it's an inter-galactic trans-dimensional time traveller, but hey!

Eternal Night

Eternal Night Diamond drops Memories past Sparkle again Prisoner no more I’m free at last Tear drops Fading fast Wipe my brain Near the exit door My...

Hurry Hurry Christmas

Hurry, Hurry Christmas Endless hours dreaming Calendar slowly ticking Weeks of eager longing A sentinel child hoping Glittered dreams ascending...

First Love - Tender Love

First Love, Tender Love Dear Anne, ‘What might have been’ a phrase so worn an yet so true and in those hazy, melancholy moments my wandering mind...

No Stupid Cupid

No Stupid Cupid I’m a contract thriller A one-shot love-maker My arrows dipped in passion Never fail to thrill her But heed my warning Love chains...

I See Something Special

Like the snowflakes they sometines form, clouds are unique.

Dreams of Fish &Chips

As a small child a trip to the Fish & Chip shop was a Saturday night treat I never tired of in the Sixties

I Dare Not Forget

I wrote this in such a way as to pause on every letter of the word.
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Why Do I Miss You?

The image will seem strange to many, but the wall is symbolic and personal. For years I ignored the need to repair it and my wife must have almost given up on me and it. Yet I long last!

Keep It Straight Keep It Forward

Keep It Straight Keep Going Forward Lurking in the shadows Waiting with menace Lurking, intent on pain My demon past still mocks I must keep moving...

The Path I walked

The Path I Walked As I slowly sank into my late sixties, I realised how much I look back and reflect on the choices I have made as well as the times...

An Old Family Tree Now Departed

An Old Family Tree Now Departed I was a fifty-five vintage who arrived ten years late. The kids at secondary school Parents Evenings would mock and...

At Arms End

At Arms' End Language is rich with references to ‘hands’ either as a noun or a verb. Many of the most recognisable sayings, quotations and quotations...

This Mortal Coil

This Mortal Coil This day I have the peace I prayed for Yesterday’s pleas seemed cold ignored My tears and aching soul cried a sad lament A new dawn...

Interest Upon Interest

Interest Upon Interest Interest upon interest Ever onward, upward grows Making mountains of cash Why does it never me glad? I bade the bank, guard my...

1972 A New Direction

I took thie picture of 31 018 in York Rail Museum, Forty years previously I actually drove it whilst working on the footplate at Stratford

Part 2 of the Union: 1973

Sadly, I have had to put an age restriction on this part of my diaries, but it was essential for the purposes of continuity and relevance to my journey; one that was fast gathering pace. The fragmented reference to 'Union' is a homage to tthe Strawbs and the song 'Part Of the Union' which was popular at the time.

Looking Forwards - 1974

The last in a trilogy of years that shaped the very fabric of my life to date....I made the mistake of not proof reading before I posted. The orginal made perfect sense at 4 a.m.

Play It For Me

This was fun, but so, so tempting to give the game away.

She Dreamed A Dream

I could probably recite every line from this film. My heart soars when I watch it.

Escaping to Serenity

Having enjoyed a recent IP on films without naming them I enbarked upon this piece of personal reflection. Why do I watch the same film again and again? To be honest for a variety of reasons. These are but a few.

Blue Yonder

Written in darkness, my mind wandered back to a fabulous view from the Llangollen Canal over a nearby Mere at Ellsmere last summer.

The Rocky Road

It's been a long road for both of us, but it will be fifty years in 2024 since we first held hands...

Seat M 15

I thought it ironic that the part of my anatomy that some say I use to talk with should rest on a seat with a tale to tell..

Why Came The Storm So Angry?

Why Came the Storm So Angry? Why came the storm so Angry? From whence did the wild wind blow? That dark and gusty unseen prowler An embryonic...

Hide & Seek

Up there in the top 10 of lost and fouind is the humble wallet.

Odd Sock Lament

Odd Sock Lament Where do all the odd socks go? Paired for life They leave in strife Leaving neatly folded rows Maybe by the washer eaten Or buried ‘...

Freedom's :Lament

Freedom’s Lament J ustice was meant for all But is stolen by the few A poor person’s freedom hits a wall In a world of greed inequality’s nothing new...

Missing By a Mile

Inspired by the many Robin Hood films I tried Archery and the only thing that hits the target is just how good I was at missing...

Living The Dream

Living The Dream? I was preparing a presentation for a school assembly not long before I retired. Teaching had been only one of over fifty skill sets...
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A Slow Cooked Life

A Slow Cooked Life My life has been a cautious mixture A slow cooked recipe of hesitant fun Many spicy moments just stumbled upon Daring only to be...

Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen. Everyone, well a lot of people have a ‘go to ‘ place they can retreat to. Be it to hide from the storm of life or simply to rekindle the...