Various ideas, all down in words,
Wondering why the world is as it is,
All Absurd

Inspiration Point

Dedicated to the 'new' genre abctales have given us :-)

1999: A Vision of Heaven

When there is nothing but beauty, silence and peace...

20.11.2011 - Remember Me

A special date, I had to mark it with two poems, not knowing if anyone would remember. Who, what, gets remembered?

20­-11­-2011, Special date

Awesome Date today, had to mark it with something :-)

A Dramatic Touch of Irony

Is it really possible to forget? Is poetry a help or a hinderance? What is free - really?

A little bird called

My heart ached at the silence

A Long Walk From Freedom

Some people think one way about marriage and some think another way ... this is another way

A secret place please

Sometimes it's all just so overwhelming that I wish, for a moment, I could find a secret place away from life...

A vignette of resilience

We all have to live through the episodes of our lives. Some episodes need more strength to get through than others do.

A World Needing Grace

Where are we headed to as a planet, as humanity, as humans, being?

Abctales Tribute

It's my abctales anniversary day today... so marking the occassion 2009 - 2012 :-)

Accepting the Award

What are we striving for? What are we working for? What is the ultimate goal and ending?

Around Surround

So much busy-ness / business all around... restaurants, staff rooms, malls, offices. People everywhere, yet in moments, you know your soul is on its own journey

At a poetry reading

Sometimes poetry creates a different feeling

Begin in First Position

Tension before the thrill

Being the Other Woman

It's a new world these days ...

Bird Haiku

for the birdies

Birthday Haiku

A third Haiku

Brief Haiku

There are briefs and briefs

Contradictory upbringing

Messages we get from all around... why can't they just get in one line?

Incomplete Haiku

Peace missing

Noble Quest

Life is a compulsory journey, but the manner in which it is travelled is voluntary

Shower by Candlelight

Sometimes the electricity goes out ;-)

He made Butterflies

Joyful Beauty that amazes me :-)

Kissing Eternity

Touching eternity in a moment

Mother Earth (read slowly)

I think the wonder of life passes by too many people...

nowhere to go

nowhere at all...

Vehicle of the Brain

What goes on in the mind can sometimes be really scary!

Vicariously Through You

it's a new world with the internet and friendships existing at another level

One Little Flower

Buildings all around us. Billboards, concrete, tar. We live in an age where we have to find the beauty, where we have to take the time to look and see.

Starting the School Day

Being a teacher in this day and age is tough, starting from the first period of registration. The motivation for being a teacher has to come from somewhere within, a personal purpose.

When Does It Stop?

How long can the difficulty of something last?

Friday Night

Being alone takes so many forms, sometimes it's necessary and sometimes it feels like it's because the world is against you.

The Opposite of Love

Putting off Spiritual growth is so easy to do; but is it worth letting it be? Is laziness a good enough reason, the right price, for a life not lived?

In the Air at Dusk

Watching eagles is an incredible experience, like being one with Life, with God


One of my greatest life's lessons, and the hardest to learn - let it go... release...

For Granddad - 21-11-2011

My own little way of saying Good-bye & God Bless... Remembering once again not to take friends, family or those special times for granted


If we don't have love... where are we?

I Breathe

When you look at the detail, the small things, the miracle of life is so obvious

Tablets will destroy the dream I fear…

Which is the better to follow... your heart or the world? When do you know which is the better option?

What Do You Do?

How can you feel so much and be told it's unrequited... how do you be a different you?

Poetical Pretence

Writing poetry & publishing it here means people will read it & tell you what they think... we are all so beautifully different! I'm just not into structured space... I waft in emotional space...

My Angel, My Sleeping Beauty

Love between husband and wife that has grown over many years is overwhelmingly beautiful, the stuff heaven on earth is made of.

Is love disappearing?

Tradegy all around. International crimes, fighting over oil, mere men thinking they should have power, since when was soil, land, anyONEs? Where is the love?

Modern Prison

Are we really free? Or is it all a figment of our socialised minds?

Memory, A Moment Away

The good times are never lost, our nature and nurtured past is within... one trigger and you can revisit it all...

I need to forgive... who should ask?

How does the process of forgiveness work?

Through time, we know

The bond between sisters is an incredible experience

Prayer Request from a Soul

Faith, is a big deal and so much more to those who practise one... perceptions on everything become so different when approached from faith

Driving to work (and back)

So many faces surround us, pass us by, and we will never even know a name...

Our Meeting

What do you do when you meet someone and the context is all wrong, and the emotions are too strong?

In the moments

Building a real relationship is something that grows over time in the little gestures of each day


With generation gaps narrowing, with technology overpowering, how are we coping? What are the priorities?

One in Seven Billion?

The saying goes "one in a million"... but is there any truth in that?

No Stuff Please

Owning things / stuff brings so much responsibility... I'm not keen... I'd rather keep it key

Lingering Monster

I think that everyone at some point has had to fight their own monsters...

No love 101

Who started the tales of 'winning' love, of 'conquering hearts'? When did we lose the meaning of 'grace' and the 'gift of love'?

When Writing

I love that I get to play with words, to translate ideas, the awesomeness at our fingertips beyond time and space.

No surprises please

I can't stand being caught unawares... give me time to relish and get excited instead.

Seven Haiku's for One

being alone... they say strength comes through the struggle

Thank-you for your poetry

Keep writing poetry folks, you are doing a wonderful job :-)

Love when you can, before you cannot

When your life is in a hospital bed ...

Oh, How I would Love

Dreaming of not being in the moment I have to be in...

The wind in the field

The wind played all around me, it was an incredible walk... through a green space

May I be your hot water bottle?

Something light hearted for a change :-) May we all have warmth in our lives always

The result of vulnerable

Opening yourself up takes courage and the results are experiences we can only learn and grow from, whatever the result may be...

God did a clean up

Nothing like a good clean up to see beauty shine through

Sometimes you just got to let go

Well... when that moment is there, and no one else is around... you have to!

Under Your Spell

Is love magic?

Which Map To Follow

What is destiny? Can/do we follow it?

Read the Universe

So many messages from so many different directions... but we still need to read

The pain will ease

Nothing bad lasts everything shall pass

Modern Day Chivalry

When in the rain ladies, find a lady's man. Cheers to Modern Chivalry

There was fire, I got burnt

Getting burnt is so painful

Lord, this can’t be it

When I see all the hues, feel all the emotions, live all the experiences... there is too little time, too little

Enough already

So over it all - so very over it all

Winter's Haiku

They really do look upside down

Give me Delicious poetry

Let poetry roll lusciously off the curves of my tongue... NOTE: NOT "slam" poetry. No exclamation marks in the punctuation & is meant to be read ALOUD slowly and sensually; an OPINION piece

Sounds have a meaning

There's meaning as it is interpreted...

Virginity is a smart move

We are living in a very different century to ones before, reasoning is changing on every topic...

When you grow up my girl...

Never underestimate your job or the work you do.

The Blind Man

The old saying: "My Way or The Highway" inspired this

The Story of a Musical

Dedicated to my granmother, it was her favourite film.

I'm Clinging

When everything falls apart, I cling

The Sanctity of Creativity

Each human has their creativity language

flat gratitude, not for granted

Where you compare, it could always be worse...

Two Pieces of Wood

Different perspectives create different actions

Opinion Haiku


restriction Haiku

I didn't actually post vibrations three times...

Haiku Quiet Time

A haiku

Haiku of worship

another Haiku

Haiku departed

love ended

Haiku go on

don't stop, it will pass, go on

Didn't listen haiku

listen to your soul then and there

A poem ‘set’ in cyberspace for the English ‘set’

A poem ‘set’ in cyberspace for the English ‘set’ Oh pet, Please set the table, Use the good crockery And cutlery set. You’ll find them in the drawer...

Air Haiku

The air in my lungs, the same as in dinosaurs'; giving life to all.

A Bouquet of Roses

A poem for the dear people who have helped me over the last few weeks. Thank-you

My Escape Route

My Escape Route You are the escape, from the mundane torment of facing my life each morning. You are the fresh air, that I need to breathe when my...

It's always dusk somewhere (haiku)

From outer space earth's electricity's Mexican wave

The energy is down

The energy is down The electricity's off, The lights are out; The warmth that was there Can no longer be felt. The water's cold, The world is dark,...

I can’t change how you feel

I can’t change how you feel Your rejection is ice. A freeze injected into my bloodstream; a domino ripple into each vessel one by one surrendering to...

The New 'Hot Chick'

Congrats to Scarlet J & her Esquire win...

I read me in them

I read me in them Lines, pages, books written over seconds, hours, days, decades, centuries. Topics of love, fear, faith, loss. Words jumbled re-...

Melting into Christmas Carols

Melting into Christmas Carols It’s blissfulness I’ve found, something I can’t describe. Like roses with exotic perfume unveiling their aromas tide by...

Hole in One

Hole in One I took the alley because it was the quickest route home. I did not need to see you pull over in your Mercedes, I did not need to see the...

Have our ending as you will, but I’m excited for mine

Have our ending as you will, but I’m excited for mine Yes, I know. Promise I’m not opposing your opinion. You told me it was all in my mind. “Only my...

Why Didn’t You?

Why Didn’t You? Why didn’t you kill me today Lord? Why didn’t you kill me? An accident on the highway, A head on collision, A roll down the mountain...

Who is more human?

Who is more human? “Someone should be taking care of them,” he said, sitting in his four-bed home. “There really are too many of them,” she said,...

Censored Hangman

Do you publish the censored or the not?

I Brought It To You

I Brought It To You Rare treasures of creativity, refined pearls of my mind, the condensation of my soul, in dew-dropped letters. Neat, crisp, clean...

How do you define love then?

How do you define love then? You threw a tantrum today, As if you were still a baby. An older baby who can yell and curse at the same time. “… You...

Birdbath Haiku

In appreciation of Elsie's request for another Haiku. Thank-you

In the cold

Another Haiku for the pile

Damaged Goods Haiku

Answer to the single question

Love Feels Time

Love feels time - True love knows that time is short; That time together has to end, That time on earth is brief, And no second can be replaced,...

To the You in the Queue

To the You in the Queue - It was purely by chance That I landed up in that queue; Because the machine wasn’t working, I ended up in front of you. -...


Forgotten - I tried. I tried to keep in contact. I tried to express my unconditional love by being completely honest with you. I laid myself bare,...

Except Me

At the beach On a bench Two seagulls fly past. A couple hand in hand Wander by. Two dolphins in the sea. Every being partnered But me . In the...

Twitter Challenge:

A tightening knot 1

Twitter Challenge:

A tightening knot 2

Twitter Challenge:

A tightening knot 3

Twitter Challenge

Dodge & weave

Twitter challenge 5

Dodge & weave

Twittering Mix - "See Beyond"

Various prompts led to these "micropoems" as they are apparently called :-)

Twittering Mix - "Micro-poetry" prompters

Twitterers prompt with a word or phrase and other twitterers create :-) You only have 140 characters...

Twitter Mix - Crack Pot

Bite sized poetry all zoning in on the new wave of media and time-shortening of everything... even poetry into a new form of art

May you have a Facebook Rainbow

Life's glorious like a rainbow, So I've been told. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, Blues, indigos and violets; Water and light Creating glory to...

Destructive Silence

Destructive Silence Silence, Your power Your way to manipulate And control … … … …. … … … …. You believe silence Will secure you a place Somewhere...


Dealt Life created the cards. One pack. Two colours: Blood red, of life and love, And black, the cross, The mark of death, Some say hate, A twisted...

A Sole Sun from Dawn to Dusk

A Sole Sun from Dawn to Dusk The sun rose, Near a central cloud, Scattering its rays Across the peacock feathers Brushing the sky. The sun set, Under...

A Mistletoe Moment

A Mistletoe Moment My forehead near your heart My hands on your waist A moment for my hurt to rest In the strength of your embrace Your hold brings...

One Gardener

One Gardener He planted seeds of doubt in my mind. I don’t think he could have comprehended That my mind was such fertile ground. The mind cannot...

From Blooms to Perfumes

I hate it when flowers die, But I love them when they bloom: from precious bud, hopefully brand new, to fully opened grace, in generously tactile...

Forever Engaged

Forever Engaged I’d like to live in engagement; Engaged in your smile, Engaged in your embrace, Engaged with the twinkle in your eye, Engaged with...

Helpless, Useless, Scarecrow

Sometimes one may feel lost, lonely and forgotten and it's scary and one can run out of ways to talk the self out of it, ways to 'fix it'...

Prayer for my Wife

Prayer for my Wife She lights her candles, Tonight it’s vanilla. The fragrance rises and the walls perspire, awaiting her entrance, for her being to...

Fighting heart fire

Fighting heart fire The embers of you Have not yet died, As flames still lick my ribs, Stealing breath from inside. Coals of simmering memories One...

My Heart Aches

My Heart Aches I was blessed With a precious gift An exotic rose Home grown Heaven extracted to earth Exuding a perfume Earth could never hold Ether...

Doef Thudding Neighbour

Doef Thudding Neighbour Doef Thud Doef Thud Oh Dear Lord… Doef Thud Not again… PLEASE! Doef Thud My body tenses An automated reaction Doef As anger...

Fictional Love

Fictional Love In my imagination, You walk beside me: Listening, Responding, Caring. In my imagination, We dance together As one: United in movement...

Tweet Poetry Set 1

In joy & elation With the work done They gathered 2 enjoy The blessings of berry-stained feet Stamped into wine-song … Cool breeze My soul at...

Tweet Poetry Set 2

Her reflection shows Through shades of blue Eyes hosting a soul That has locked away All the memories of you … Dear Lord, Let me not stay Let me not...

Haiku Set 1

Neatly cut flowers All perfectly designed Pinned to her gown … Growing from the dust From seed to plant to flower Colours that explode … She is at my...

I wish I had more time to rhyme

I wish I had more time to rhyme It’s been an age Since I’ve put words to page Since I’ve had time to rhyme Since my life Has had the semblance of: My...

A grain of sand - pearl or glass

A grain of sand – pearl or glass You have a gift, Use it for good. As you write of love, Let it not be Merely to hypnotise. Let it be Not to misguide...

In the Key of Memory

In the Key of Memory There was you There was me It was heavenly A moment In time Intertwined destiny You fitted All of me Safely, perfectly You...

Done - blow out the candle

Done... Blow out the . . . Touching the bottom of the pit once again Holding onto sanity for no reason at all No reason around to stay sane. All I...


Tight Negotiating this tight line Your will on one side And mine: On the other. Respect for you Versus: My desires. I wish the tight rope would SNAP...

Mommy's Shoes

Mommy’s Shoes I was five, or four, Sneaking in to open the cupboard door. Taking out the elegant heels, Sneaking them on with ease. My feet filling...

Your Girlfriends

Your Girlfriends You carry them around with you – Everywhere. Closer than I could ever be. You share the fire of heat with them - Inhaling, lip to...

Today, we open Free

Today, we open Free The dawning of a new day, With sunlit rainbow rays, Gracing the clouds to say: “Today!” Today we heal. Today we unfasten the pain...

African Praise Poem for My Aunt

Praise Poem for My Aunt 1955 - 2022 My Aunt, Janet Browne, walked in elegance and grace; Slowly, and peacefully, like a beautiful giraffe. She showed...

African Praise Poem for Dad

African Praise Poem for my Dad Charles Beverly Balfour Browne, the man with a camera, And a smile that never-ended; With his twinkling, royal blue...