Society & Order

Pieces about Law and Order, or Society and its rules and practices. These may be realistic or conceptual, exagerated or imaginative. They may be ideas or suggestions for the improvement of society. This also acts as a kind of miscellaneous file for short pieces which don't belong in other collections, or did not until other collections were created which they might fit into better.

A Day In The Life

The conflicting priorities of modern life.

Blackpool 2014

Pleasure Beach is huge and dramatic. I do not want to go in. The roller coaster looks very frightening. The sun is high, the sky is blue; a cooler...

Border Control

Adult Football Hooligans find themselves in deeper trouble than they imagined when they attempt to return home to Britain.


Agitated and restless, the urge to create. It grows stronger as you mature, tastes become solid and well loved. Shopping around has come to a natural end. We know what we like and what we don’t like.

London 2012

A piece about the purpose of education and wasted development today. Is London English any more? and London is the centre of the world!

Moderno : The Ever Changing City

A couple return to the City of Moderno and find it has already changed since they were last here, two months before. A city which is always in the vanguard of fashion and technology!

Palmanova and Magaluf

thoughts on a recent holiday in the sun. Family beach resort Palmanova and young persons hot spot Magaluf.

Riots In England (Part 1)

A disaffected young student joins the London riots of August 2011 to fight the big companies and create a revolution.

Riots In England (Part 2)

A young man, who joined the riots because he thought it was the revolution, finds the rioters were not what he thought and starts to reevaluate his life.

Star Man

Star Man 13/1/16 Even the Prime Minister likes Bowie. We are the Bowie generations. Our lives are so regimented. We study, study, and study to find...


Politicians Politicians rising to the fight, a new election promise, a chance of success. It’s all about winning support, appealing to voters – but...

Modern Madness

My world is changing, The roads where I lived and walked as a child are now marked with yellow lines, double and single. I don’t dare park on the...

How To Keep Life Real

We construct lives of fantasy around us. I write a long story about a better life, a place I would like to live in, where people are really free and...

Barcelona Attacks 17/8/17

Barcelona Attacks 17/8/17 What would it be like if they came here? Islamic State, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabbab, or Boko Haram? Decapitations in...


I heard somewhere that Robespierre didn’t believe in the death penalty when he became a politician. To George Washington all people were created...

Funeral For A Friend

Friends lost, one by one. We have all got to go sometime. Not like this, taken before our time. Not taken, chosen. A desperate way to go. Time ran...


Neither Sauron nor Saruman can touch us here. Syria is a ruin, Populations displaced and killed. Yemen is dying, Its people tortured and ignored...

Christmas Spell

All the hopes of the year Looked forward to this time Gathering at the end, To finish the year in style. Never enough time to be ourselves, Shops all...

21st Century Kids

Sitting in centrally heated homes in their T shirts, Freezing and complaining when they are outside, Because they didn’t know how cold it was! What...

My Attention Span Is Getting Steadily Shorter

My attention span is getting steadily shorter, And yours is even shorter than mine. Have you noticed Time is always running out? Doctors’...


Meadowhall, Place of Commerce and Consumerism, A shining dome, casting its light over the city, Equidistant between the City of Sheffield and the...

London 2019 (Knife Crime)

Knife Crime on the streets, Young innocent victims becoming a regular cull. How many innocent victims will it take before this becomes a real...

Secret Job Description (Modern Jobs)

Job application, what is this application? What does it mean, is it for real? There aren’t many job titles in this day and age that make much sense...

European Election Day (23/5/19)

Brexit Brexit Soft and meaningless? Hard and reckless? Racist or Fascist? Why then do Labour support it with the kind of fervour which will never get...

Conundrums, Referendums and Anti Semitism

Its a conundrum that we just can't solve. Should we stay or should we go? Will we wreck our economy or lose our rights? Or will we save a hell of a lot of money and give tax cuts to the rich?

Pied Piper

Pied Piper Pied Piper, Nigel Farage, Mirage Man – now you see him, now you don’t! Where will we see him next? Will he really be there? Or is he just...


Events are happening, but do we have much power to influence them through social media? Can we stop the President of Brazil from destroying the rainforests?

A Christmas Tale With A Difference

The people of 'England' were facing a General Election, but what was going to happen this time? This was co-written by myself and my wife Wendy in 2006. We 'bounced' a few ideas off each other to write it together. As we are now facing another election, and at Christmas time, we both think it is the perfect time to post our joint work on my abctales account, with due credit to my wife Wendy Kirtley.

The Fence (Youth Misbehaviour After The Election)

A Teenager destroys a Fence while showing off, not realising that an election has brought a new, more Left Wing government to power, but one which has brought more traditional punishments back to deal with Youth Misbehaviour and many other crimes.