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After the Pain

After the Pain Through sheer determination, Lacey, a dog lifts up slowly, arthritic hip aching straining her flow of muscular frame, black she is,...

The difference between AI & Intelligence

The difference is becoming undistinguishable as things like heuristical analysis and metaphoric morphisms are now making it so.

The pale horseman

The nomad fled across the country and the pale horseman followed.During his travels the nomad stumbles upon a house, he knocks on the door and says “...

Due Deliverance

"I'm tired of people." He could hear his mother's voice in the back of his mind as he turned down a dark stretch of Route 718. Looking out through...

Retirement Options for Tube Trains: #3 Cadnam, New Forest

Stippled with mould it lies at the foot of a lawn by a greenhouse where earthenware pots lie cracked like the summer soil.


In December 1976, me and my best mate Ray were squatting in a disused terraced house in Hanbury Street just behind Brick Lane in East London. The...

Not quite Smyrna

I stood on the deck leaning against the rail and watched. The dock was heaving with life, people arriving or departing or just there to look for some...


A woman can have any man she wants, fact. Whether she's fat, thin, ugly or pretty, she can ensnare any man she likes. Men are feeble creatures, they...

Popeye the Murderer

I'm Popeye the Sailor, I'm sure not Popeye Doyle. Things went down hill when I married Olive Oyl. Bluto showed up at the wedding and started a fight...

The Hitman

A hitman who has never killed a single person. Based on this writing prompt https://www.instagram.com/p/BcnkURiBa22/