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I've always liked those trees Who tower over London homes Reclaiming their space in the sky Throwing shade over brick A dark blanket protecting us...


Purple I smell no Jasmines, Daisies or Geraniums this Summer Nor my soul desires the nectar of an ancient amphora Crimson riddles my skin My mind is...

Autonomy - Epilogue

In the weeks that followed the death of John Chine, several notable events occurred. A pessimist or paranoiac might conclude that these were related.


You told me once That you're home when you're with me But I have no bed, no phone, No kitchen, no sofa, no TV My bones do not form a roof I consist...

Untitled #1

My head slots into your lap Ocean waves into coastal rock Resting on a freedom from our past together A comfort earned Through years of labour Dull...

Autonomy 10

On! On!


I am solitary in the universe, there is one like me. I never believed in reincarnation but the only explanation for my current predicament, trapped...

Autonomy 9

We'd like to thank you once again

Autonomy 8

John goes on and on

Autonomy 7

The murky world of the well meaning