New Set

Nothing concrete as yet just trying to write as much as I can.


Dream Cord

Same themes but different dreams. Some skin connection brings

Ashes (IP)

The soft crackle of the pan lifted bubbles of anticipation. Little wafts of smoke played in the kitchen - flirting between the candles. Mushrooms in and season.


A sea of heat seeps into the bones of the nation. The national marrow eases its frustration. White mineral tightens, hardens as muscle memory awakens summer sepia tinged trees and breezes.

Chariots Rise

What is the meaning of a song that won't leave... What kind of a fool is she to fall for a fool like me?


When you can't understand that we don't know what to do and your throat is raw from fumbling at the vowels - we just hold you. Keep you safe in our warm, amniotic bubble.

The Man in your room

Nothing new. Nothing strange nor startling... Just a few simple words and my hearts separates. 'There's a man in his room. Standing up.' Now the horror crashes in and the pealing of bells.

She shines

On a daily basis she gets shit by the shovelful. But she remains adorable When pissed on from on highable by morally reprehensible women who've got hairier balls than some men I know

Earth Heart

Another new beginning. Rolling away another stone. But I feel my interest fading with the wind. The burgeoning,creaking heart of oak.

Earth Heart (2)

Tendrils searching for water. I touch and it bruises, changes, Slips from my synapses.


A tiny Devil's advocate wombed in perfect little flames like thumb prints.

I See Dumb People

Zombies with appetites for everything but brains.

I'm gonna disappear (up my own arse or to bed probably by 10) IP

I'm gonna disappear. Me and my hairline are gonna blow this popsicle stand cos that's what we used to do. I think that's what we used to do. There's...

Still Waters

An attempt to make god-awful rhyme sound better within a structure.


His effortless weight now comes to bear as taut meat clings close to bone in the hollow of my father's forearm where my own flesh now rests, gargling...

Earth Heart (3)

Yesterday, we trampled back into the woods

Lazy Bloody Teachers

Back inside and lesson three, watered down versions of GCSE.
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Poem of the week


I feel bad after writing this. Need to be punished.

The Night Mares

A mare or nightmare is an evil spirit or goblin in Germanic folklore which rides on people's chests while they sleep, bringing on bad dreams (or " nightmares "). [ 1 ]

Captain Chaos and The Boy Blunder aka 'The Smithereens'.

You'll both be in a band one day called ‘The Smithereens’ and tour the world, smashing hotel rooms. Just as soon as you stop licking your brother's...

Dumb Flock

We are the shepherds. Though the sheep bite our hands and chew through every insecurity. We both stand firm, shepherd and dumb flock, through wind, rain and shifting sands.

I Let You Fall

I hold back and let you fall and turn your safety to sacrifice.


A soft thumbprint sheen haze hangs against the tenuous surface

Lattes in Limbo

One son, torpid, lounges swum fluent in books, scrawl fresh brewed lost in the flurry and hiss.

Inspiration and Perspiration

Sorry. I'm so sorry. I'd leave it ten minutes if I were you.

The Blandest Rainbow

Warm inside, I’m cocooned for now as outside blooms the blandest rainbow.

Montage of my sons. IP

Quicksilver hands as sharp as eyes. Your Trojan smiles flinty edged, your jawlines merge with the fizz and pop of consonant and vowel. American and Anglicised.

Pup's pup

One of the editors on here made some suggestions and this is version 2. Check out version one 'Pup' in my earlier pages to see if I've made it worse!

Dandelion Clocks

Inspired by Ed Crane's excellent 'Leaf', I've tried to write a poem in one line! Updated and changed after helpful comments. Thank you!

I'll Shake the Muse Today

I'll shake the muse today. Pitch her upside down to see what she has for me.

Second Life

He steps off into town now sporting the hat he hates that 'Your Mother' makes him wear as it stays the winds, chewing the replacement gum fervently...


Spun opal, wild arm of ocean tilts inward, imploding slap of salt on skin.


burnt up and used out,

Little Buttons

Mixing paint and worry you bury memory soon to crouch in nooks of fabric matter ready for the future day to colour the new. Worry beads of sweat...

Our Neil

Not sure if this works better as poetry or prose.

Hot Mommas

For all the mombies and their lost minds, I’ll tell you now – you’re doing fine.
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Amy Amy Amy

Sailor-tat marionette a fag-end fishwife with your filthy laugh and oiled piston hips, a hot, wet Minnie Mouse. Gutter mouth.


It's not the destination.

Result (Inspiration Point)

So much behind the printer ink lies, behind the quantified, mapped, planned, calculated lives.

Longing or '**** you, next door's cat.'

F*** you, next door’s cat, sunk in smug puddles of riddled fur, curled like a purring, steaming turd.

Bars of Light

Evening sunlight in recumbent ribbons lies dappled on soft curves of southern downs. Our quick-witted boys gambol always just out of touch or reach...

A Shuffling Up.

When younger, the word of God was writ large in every cloud. Every beat of every heart was a plan. A fate unreeling. An ocean of moments in an arrow...

The Gurkha Soldier

Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you. Professor Sir Ralph Turner MC


For France. They will never be free from the crimes they commit.

A Passing (IP)

Under silent cityscape penumbra flits a linen shroud in billowing black.


Written for a friend. Inspired by Tony Cook's excellent - 'Grumpy Old Man'.

Half-Moon Cuticle

I heard you in a crowd. Spun a half circle, spread my arms. I flung myself at nothing and stood wide open.

Cracked Actor

Your art was death. Your death was art.

One (Inspiration Point)

Excuse me. One's ever so sorry but if I could just take one minute of your precious time to talk about one thing that's on my mind it would be this:...

Passing Time

It's been years but you must remember the lights, hung gold orbs from that tree, on the river bank, silent. You must hear the horse's cry in the...

For my sons... (Poetry Monthly)

If I ever get to see those pearly gates, misted like a distant hill, or if I'm caught on charcoal shores, waiting for the open hands of God, I'll draw for you, in all their grace, the sinners kissing angels' feet.
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Poem of the week


Slick vast crush of bare ocean, split white with dolphin crest and the roll and the roll, frets and worries at the lip of the world.
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Story of the week


‘I want you to sleep with me.’

Winter child

Away from the leafed through house and far from the stale, bitumen thrum of traffic crush we curl back into the womb of the earth. Topping the brow...
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Belfast Boun (Poetry Monthly)

The bricks they may bleed and the rain it may weep And the damp Lagan fog lulls the city to sleep. It's to Hell with the future, we'll live in the past May the Lord in his mercy be kind to Belfast. Maurice James Craig
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Flotsam (Poetry Monthly)

Out of the blue, one Indian summer you finally came. The waving, windmilling Captain of your destiny we said. Stubby legs would beat a heave-ho hard...


Help! Help me! I’m being attacked. Intimidated. Violated. Invaded. The words. They’ve ganged up on me. They've crowded my eyes, cut off my exits,...
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The Unsaid

…and sometimes on better days I just see people people being and …ing and …ing in all their mundane glory and I think we are invincible unbound cloud...