Liam Anders

He got up before dawn. Each day. Crawled out of bed to the stinging sound of an alarm going off beside his bed. Woke himself with stabbing cold water...

Angels, Lovers and Songbirds – Chapter 38 – Shop till You Drop

When he went in to the house Katie fussed around him like he’d been gone for a week, which was a bit over the top but he thought it was nice to be missed. It was one of the things he missed out on when he lived alone, having someone to come home to.


The love in me Touches your heart and soul And I feel a love divine

Choice Tales from the Vale – (181) The Daring Young Girl with the Everyday Dream (Part 02)

“I’m going to take two months off work, unpaid mainly, like a sabbatical, so I can come to Cyprus right in the middle of you tour, I’ve already spoken to my boss and he’s happy, so we’ll be together for Christmas and New Year” He said without pausing for breath.

A Silver Shadow Experience

Gliding through the traffic , the silver shadow makes her way , the driver at the wheel is just passing the time of day . He’s not in any hurry ,...


The sucking slurp of semi liquid earth slows my steps and gurgles between my bare toes. I feel like I’m walking inside a mouth. My feet sink in and...

Trash Piles in Paradise

Trash Piles in Paradise It is mid-October of 2017, in Southwest Florida. Hurricane Irma had passed over the area some four weeks past, leveling trees...

Patrick's pear trick

Patrick made a pear appear and then he made a pear, a pair and then he made the pair three and then he made a pear tree, then he made a pear forest...

If I Were a Man I'd Be Hero

I am water, mist and ice I'll spin your dreams for a price I'm everything you need your mercy and your vice. I am blood-mist and serum You can have...

The Black Book Restored: Fragments 1A to 33 (second half)

The Black Book Restored: Fragments 1A to 33 Sometimes, the mud flats and reed beds form an unspoiled nature reserve. Only the night before, I had...

The Black Book Restored: Fragments 1A to 33 (first half)

The Black Book Restored: Fragments 1A to 33 On the way out of school, Jimmy snatched my satchel from my shoulder and ran off with it. I pursued him...

Fish, Bird, Mouse, Cat, Gulp!

Once a fish, a bird, a mouse and a cat lived together in a house. Gulp! Uh? I mean a fish, a bird and a slightly fatter cat lived together in a house...

The Gathering Gloom

Moonlight drops quilted darkness over all the tops. A smothering hush, lush from Nature's palette knife stops the chatter. Its syrup drops to soothe...

Chapter 2: The Lonely

Part 2 of a series about a young couple's struggles scene through the lens of the barista creating their drinks. Hope you enjoy. Make sure to read Chapter 1: A Strange Couple. Constructive Feedback and plot ideas are welcome.

Today's the Day

Today’s the day! I was finally going to learn to ski. But... It’s lost! What could I do? I’ve lost my passport. The flight was scheduled for 6.35am...


Stars blazed in the navy blue sky. The sun had bid its goodbye for the day. All was quiet. The setting was right for Tony to get things off his chest...

Cleansing The Temple

It's a crackling sound. Old parchment; it's like old parchment. Appropriate for the tomb of the Holy Father, don't you think? But wait. I'm getting...

The Celebration Party

Their degree results are out and they decide to go partying, but Stephen discovers he has little to celebrate.

Irish Coffee

I missed it. I mime; ear to an imaginary conch shell. I thumb toward the steam-drenched espresso machine. Pain turns ugly in her eyes, the cigarette...

Parsing Through

*/ David Mickes Professor of English at the University of Houston says studies 'have shown that when we read online text we do not read all of it, parsing only the left-side of the column.' In honour of this dazzling insight. here is some Concrete Prosetry. Image used in accordance with Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution 3.0 Image maker Chickensaresocute