Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (26) Betcha By Golly Wow – Rosie’s Tale (Part 01)

It was Saturday night in Mornington-By-Mere and goods friends Roxanne Kincaid-Smith, Lindsay Cooper and Rosie Parsons were sitting in the bar of the Old Mill Inn discussing their plans for the Bank Holiday. All three of the girls were born and bred in the village but since starting out on their chosen careers they didn’t get together as often as they would have liked due shift patterns for Rosie and Roxy and the on call Rota for Lindsay.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (088) Meeting Poppy (Part 02)

“Didn’t you hear me tell you to go?” he asked her “Yes” she said meekly “So why are you still here” he said directly in front of her “Well?”


Monday is basura night. They come at fairly regular intervals through the night: the cardboard, the plastic and the organic. Plus a mystery truck...

Google Earth

Upon a Google Earth, I roam. I travel but never leave home. My spirit virtually strays round pixel streets and alley ways. Like a modern Phileas Fogg...

Fifteen Minutes ...

I decided to give it a go, I thought I might just stand a chance. The chief judge had left with his dough, So the prize was a day trip to France. The...


In my time I looked at my hands and I understood: I resemble my mother. Life flows out from my joints and comes back to itself through my fingertips...

Q & A

Q and A What can I hope to expect? Most possible nothing Will you allow the intimacy to go further? I suspect not Will I be hurt? No doubt How can I...

Pattern Mnemonics for teaching kids Multiplication Tables -

I won't bother with the 5, 10 or 11 times table because they're easy to remember (all 5 or 0; all 0, all the 1 times table with double vision) but...

The race against Time

Time lifts his finger from your tail and your feet scratch at the earth

CC 112: Those Two Warriors

Cuchullain's Castle 112

February Wander

Furry pussy willows peep, buds begin to crack, dog’s mercury pokes through the dead leaf mulch, and celandine leaves make pools of green beside the track.

Song From My Bunker 2

The second month.

Downshire Diary – (24) Never Judge a Book (Part 09)

“Was that him?” Isabelle asked “the one you’ve been bending my ear about all weekend” “Yes that’s him” Sam said proudly “He’s a bit ordinary” Izzy said and Samantha frowned “His friend was alright though”

The Last of Winter

I'm expecting UK tabloid headlines "Warmer than Spain" today... You'll be pleased to know this poem contains no Latin, Philosophy or Mathematics...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (088) Meeting Poppy (Part 01)

Colin Weeks was a farmer up at Woodside Farm between Sharping St Mary and Purplemere although to all intents and purposes it was no longer a farm because Colin weeks kept horses. After he and his sister inherited the farm from their father they rented out the majority of the surrounding land to neighbouring farms which gave them a reasonable income and allowed them to indulge their passion, which was horses.

Selfie Generation

Caption this Snap that Like it Heart it Share it No one cares It's all empty self fellation Ones and zeroes on a screen Less than zeroes, drama...

Whiteout Rewrite II-6 (The Fall Expedition)

6. The Fall Expedition “Manish was always a willful child. He was the more active out of the two of us, and that led to some altercations that most...

Save it for good !

Save It For Good It is an expression from child hood that I still sometimes use. Growing up in a large family, with limited resources, meant that...