Life in Venice

This is new Pope week ... I thought I'd pay homage.

She'll Make Me Work In This

She'll make me work in this, she will, With knuckles blue and crusted lips, She'll make me toil and bend, And hack at roots and thorns and barbed canes, Who strengthen fast to come again

The Magnificent Rose

Like an amphitheatre are your petals red and round; like the mouth of a spectator going ‘Wow!’; opening your curtain of bright petals you astound;

The Beauty of the Rose

What a heavenly bliss is the sweet beauty of a rose; just like kisses within kisses are its petals row on row; beautiful concentric circles of curling, silken, scarlet flame;

After The Wedding

And I thank our good Lord for the opportunity to know someone like you.

I have come here for your name

She had a half completed tattoo of a rose on her cheek which was red raw.

The lake (Second position)

I close my eyes and the lake comes to mind: Its silver hue, flat expanse extends onward, Into what seems an eternal; yet is refined, By thick mists sweeping, rolling now forward,

Day One

Maybe the start of something, maybe not. See what happens...

'Open Wide' ..

Say 'aaaah' ..
Gold cherry

The Perils of Bedtime

I frantically blew air on to monkey’s woollen tail like a soft toy pervert.

Crucial World Events

Many philosophies, only one where God himself stepped into history; many killings, but only one immortal person died, a mystery; many injustices, but only One sinless, suffered crucifixion,

suicidal South Dakota

dear Mr. maniacally-raving-mad- repugnican- representative Daugaard, if a kid in your school has a gun & your teacher has a gun, and the teacher fires first, or the kid fires first &


I couldn’t hold you in my Coastal waters When the Ocean tugged at your heart


There are only 13 months Between my two little chaps


It read, “I’m a people person”

Evil one again

An evil one.. Not to go with soft refered as despotic rules are just. Nothing quite defected if nothing softly despotic.

The red box

The wild nights bring the clearest thoughts And I wake up with a start as I recall the box I threw away as I emptied out your shed

Bo-Bo And The Early Snow

Story of two boys having some innocent fun

We Are Waiting

where tales and sly pussycats await a scratching under furry-chins children expecting tousled heads

Beyond life

Beyond life P K Routray Horizon beyond the ocean is neither the end of horizon nor the end of the ocean but the limit of the human imagination. Similarly the death is not the end of the a soul