Vanilla Coke

Cut your wrist to sew it back up strut the false story with a big heart and an empty stomach as the bugs and maggots gets wiped away only to eat at all who were taught to love their enemy.


The first poem I wrote. Ever.

Social Networking

a short poem about what these social networking sites and apps really are

Do Sharks Have Knees?

The first time I saw her again was at the twin’s shindig. I’m not sure I can get away with calling it a shindig as the phrase is defined as “a large, lively party”, ill go for gathering.

Because of Calvary

The crimson flow … completed … for all who will receive … more white than snow my guilty stain has be removed, I know.

Green Eyes

A story about my life haha (some of it) I fall in love, break up and get back together... this isn't really what happened, but its a story...:)


All true!!

Moon Child

He told her her eyes shone - sparkled like the stars...


Exile - as an expression of time Vision - as a waking dream Expiration - as a sleeping life Normalisation - as the repetition of past events Time - as the illusion of life

Consider me your poet

Consider me your cripple Consider me your drunk Consider me that pretty piece Of yourself that you used upder me your drunk

Christ's blood

flows through time and space to redeem us, long-flowing his love which extends our lives into immortality. our nature is rooted in deep sin, one after the other sin throws us into death,

Bacteria rule

Germs glorious germs

Gift of life

What is important?

So here we are

Don't stop me.

birth pains

the brown stuff

The Sugar Champion

Life is too sweet

Dreams of Flight

“Don’t wish for something you’ll never have then you’ll never be disappointed”, I didn’t wish for anything - I hoped for A lot of things A room to myself

silly stuff... poem

What can one say to pardon the day, when tight up inside it's stormy weather? . What can I do to move on through; when deep interior hides the stark hits of light. ...

I See You

So unexpected I could cry

Loaded Gun

Then he made love to her like a loaded gun