Apocalypse Sparkling angel, can I see Burning bright, in clarity, Can you hear me, from the sky. I will lose my sanity, in the blink of an eye. I...

Mrs Muhulu and the Mules of Despair

Into the coffee shop they came...

Seven Woders

Seven Wonders P K Routray Wonders in this planet numerous shows the net. Their rankings and ratings vary as per the organization to jury. Unique and...

Sexism 1

Sexism is actually racism against the female race. The female race is seen as possessing certain characteristics that are different from and...

Valeria A Horror Story Part One

It was on odd out of place building, not entirely fit for purpose with it's scary staircase, dark interiors and playground that could turn to sheet...

The Pond Of Life

The Pond Of Life I am a casual toss of lust at my parents command. I was careless cast into the pond of life No earthly thought, but by a mortal hand...

A Prayer

God, grant me the peace to say what is in my mind. To know myself and to myself be true as this is the path to your image of me. To not be afraid. To...

The Wrong Mr Right (Sequel to ‘The Late Mr Early’)

Inspector Kelly sat down on the young man’s couch; unfolded a notebook and took a small sharpened pencil from his pocket. “Is your name Matthew Right...

If love was a hill then my love for you would be a mountain

The contours of love Are like a very large lump The valley of loss Is very deep indeed. I need To sew the seed Of lovley love. Like a plateau Our...

Limrick Fore

There once was a man from Wales Who simply loved reading about whales One day he went To Kent That intersesting man from wales

Limerick 3

I once knew I fine group of fellows Who worked in a place that made cellos And so they say One glorious day Someone brought in a bag of marshmallows

My Weekend With Theodore Roosevelt

"Arn't you that guy?" I inquired. "Which guy?" He inquired "You know, that guy in the wheelchair" "No, that was my father, Franklin" "But he was born...

Now I am the Matriarch

Now I am the Matriarch A few days past my Mother had a choice jump or burn Always an optimist she chose not to slowly roast tubes here and there...


In her deep blue eyes Blue like the ocean deep


The sun burns bright above the blue


Are you wearing contact lenses?

Smiles, Pure Thoughts, etc. 4

a smile can also express something very subtle, sexual interest. when a woman finds a person whom she wants to mate with, she may smile. it is hard...

Life's Big Mistake?

Life evolved to propagate; proliferate; generate. It took a very long time, but it overcame adversity and came up with diversity

Spring's Stormy Residual

Swirling wisps mount the horizon Cresting over their funnel spouts Steaming ground-swells incubate on earth's oven Thermal currents surge upward...


A Cinquain to diversify the portfolio!