False Spring

After a winter of discontent, spring still chills.

You Have Some Place To Be

They've missed every concert, recital, and ceremony with empty promises of going to the next one.

ESA/Bedroom-cutsWelfare System gone.

See if you can get help from a organisation such as C.A.B or Law For All

The Road to Manhood

... and a damn rocky road it is.

The Meaning Of Life

Just a point of view.

Chapter 8

Alas, I would get to be entertained by Terrence Oblong no longer, as I was finally called into the interview room.

Antoine And Ellie

A short, powerful looking white man in his late twenties sat on the park bench uncomfortably closely to Ellie.


kinda follow up to last part.

Jono arrives - bit 4.

Maggi had things to do, questions to ask and answer, baby outfits to try on Jono, blood pressure to be taken. I didn't have a role,

God's spark: Breath of Life

If for proof you defiantly seethe How can any living thing alone breathe We know that matter can combine But how could a puppet itself prime Gases naturally combine in internal combustion

every one a love poem

without zephyrs, gossamers a dime, or one darn shard

The House That Had A Gentle Heart - Part 2

Gentle sat up in bed with her composition book in her lap, reading aloud the story she had written at school.

LIFERS Chapter Fourteen

(Something for the weekend) She and Gregg turned, but neither of them expected to see the grotesque sight that stood before them.

Sword Mightier Than Spoken, Written Word

Could Christian martyrs with miraculous stories for freedom barter Roman Caesars with gladiator, beast slew their sons and daughters Did Socrates with dialectic discourse ancient beliefs divorce


Species…. Special pleading takes their laws to go around. Facts must needed and differ species are some with rights. Cook the meats of dogs might good for health but wrong.

Jean-Marie Laval

Part Two of my Whitstable Writings. Based on the true stories of how the French prisoners of war escaped the hulks in the Thames during the Napleonic wars.

Jean And Sylvia On The Razzle

“As you know, love, my sister's worked in Tesco for years, and they don't 'ave 'alf the weirdos we 'ave in soddin' Boots.”

Oh, Oh What A Girl

nevertheless we chose that special time to mix our magical elixirs,


Not sure what I've done here