Lending a bit of Love

I hoped he wouldn’t have sex with the book although to be fair that’s unlikely


I was always told that Farming Was a terribly tough way of life

If not one then who

Beyond this we are still a single soul in His world

No one Pays Attention

Trying to walk in joy like nothing bothers me you see the expressions on my face I wonder if my body language tells it all my shape of form is so confusing People ask


Such as a problem We all try to solve But cant because others are so judgemental why not let us love one another why cant we marry like any other How many years has this been

Conditioned Love

Vital signs undeterred by solid core pulse through porous frame shroud surface, warning signals blinking wildly slow approach; Furrowed brow, bristles suspend; brushing glance,

City Vs. Suburbs

Why is it some people say that since, some people are from the suburbs we all are ungrateful. jusst because we have nice clothes, nice cars and clothes does not mean we are ungrateful.

Debbie and Eddie

Let me tell you about my cousin Debbie. She helps me and so does her husband Eddie. They're very nice people and I like them a lot. Debbie is certainly the best cousin that I've got.

From Sentient Streams to Gushing Nightmare

In the dark recesses, in cropped form, sterile visages crouch, each still life cornered patiently awaiting escape, but, in twilight's fading seams, day's vivid streams still beam

ladies and gentlemen, the Trafford Centre is now open...

Ladies & Gentleman, the Trafford Centre is Now Open the snaking lines of German automation simmer in the baking weekend sun, resentment clogging the interiors like a drowning gruel.


margins i am becoming like a series of pencil strokes; an addendum. squeezed in without thought whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. just a name, left to curl and fray

the big issue 1

charity begins at home.

To make a heart out of guts

i rolled up my sleeves and made a heart out of guts and walked up-down-up the platforms of northbound trains, i kept my finger held and pressed in a narrow aperture
Gold cherry

Love and App-iness

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Tatty Bird

Inspired by Roger McGough's Collected Poems

Reinder games Chapter Six

Things that go bump in the night

Reindeer Games Chapter Five

A walk in the woods

war dispatch - leggings

It was a breach!

-end of line- propaganda

Propaganda is different from news as its a subtle twist upon the emotions.