The Day Is A Child

If I could, I would sleep all day and wake in the brilliant night Day expects too much Day expects grass to be green; the sky to be blue


Seeking darkness To end the light, To end the day and start the night.

The Heart

Our BS

My Bollocks


Gus the gorilla and friends

old tales and fitba quarrels.


Jack Effra was never aware of the voices. But they were everywhere: speaking about his walk in Londis in Milton Keynes, speaking about his taste for the continent in Cafe Rouge in Chiswick...


"You thought you'd be reunited with all the people you loved during your life on Earth? It's perfectly natural. Everybody does."

An Antidote To Writers Block (Part 79) Good News Week (Part Three)

After breakfasting on Georgia on the kitchen table in Roehampton I checked my watch and then quickly redressed myself as I had to get back to Bushy Down and I was now late.


We are traditionalists In our village


In the morning My dad used to

September, 2001

The towers fell A waterfall of layers Farted dark smoke Which travelled to corners or cul de sacs Bleeding like a mad wound Breaking skin and bones ripped Swallowed underground wonder


It's a gorgeous disease and she was looking at me with a glass brain shattered waiting Her dirty hands bleeding growing anorexic by the minute Let me baptize her with the blood of my sin

Letters to a Daughter and Sons

Mom said I was a wandering child and lucky to have survived my early years.

I want to Be Where She Is

Its all about being with the one you love

Sugar On The Top

Life is full of melting moments - we have to enjoy them as often as possible .

Swallowing A Sea Of Sadness

Being cut off from someone you love is like being on a sinking ship on a cruel sea with no lifeboat or land in sight

The cleggy song (rewritten)

its a more faithful reproduction

Dads Tool Box

My dads last wishes.

The Splintering

Each of his men and women is at least several men and women, and his lovers learn that we can never embrace any one person at a time, but only the whole of an incoherence, the cluster of voices and be