“B” is for Brave

He was tired of getting tripped when he tried to escape. Even getting 'bopped' on the head. So he had to be a real fast runner.
Gold cherry

Rush hour thoughts

The train slows and stops. As it does, it dawns on me that I should be ruling the world, right this minute.

One Way Ticket

The last fix.

Picasso and Snickers - Part 3 - The Cardigan

On Saturday morning at eight thirty, Debbie Johnson approached the Chelsea Book Shop and felt like throwing up.

November's Tavern

Fire flickers out from the hearth, To warm the back of the stranger, Hunted close by the law-hounds, Smelling the smoke of cured ham hanging, Lantern swaying from the roof.

For love not faith

Do not doubt that right is might; that there is fire in the light. Do not doubt kind hearts prevail; that courage wins while cowards fail. Do not doubt that truth will win;

We Need A New Driver

Past smoke-stained cottages The dark engines pours ash of vitriol Over newly-baptised heads of babies peering From prams by the sweet shop’s windows, Clouding the sky a paler shade of grey.


Tied to the ocean from birth, Reef knots supplant the umbilical cords Of the sea-children. Playing around the harbour Boats painted in preparation For the sea-children.

Roid rage

“You silly cow” shouted the man, with a cricket bat in his hand He hit her twice, the steroids were banned He wobbled a bit and pulled out a revolver

The Heart

The non-biological functions.

"I Loves You Porgy"

“Someday I know he’s coming to call me. He’s going to hold me, so it’s going to be like dying, Porgy... but when he comes, I know I’ll have to go.” Ira Gershwin

The Snow

then melting into rivulets of scattering claims

The Strangers on the Trains ( Part 10)

Emily and Fat Tony meet for a chat. Emily has an early day but has unexpected company.

Chapter 1. The Innkeeper

The innkeeper took pride, as all innkeepers take pride, in being an excellent judge of a stranger.

Old Folks at Home

Once upon a time is past.

Spinning like the world (Lyrics)

1st Verse: My heart keeps glowing like a star; one of those bright lights up in heaven when I think how happy you are to be with me twenty- four/seven. 2nd Verse:

Jogger's Bum.

So there I was. Riding down the High Street on a sunny Sunday morning. Jacket zipped right up to my Adam’s apple. A borrowed bike beneath me. Only three gears.


She fell in love Too easily Too deeply


Is it you? Are you the one?