The Legend of Jin- An Oriental Fairytale

Jin was amazed by the young woman who was so beautiful and yet so powerful

The Infant of Spring

The springtime is like a new birth held in the loving arms of Earth, with rosebuds for her pouting lips; pink flowered boughs, her fingertips; bluebells her eyes so bright and clear

Baleen Ballet

Regally, like a queen, the beautiful baleen waves her tail up and down and makes a mellow cello sound. While, like in a ballet, her calf, around her, plays; he glides between her fins,


Waiting for Spring.

An Early Start

Two people face challenges with the potential to change their lives. What will they do?

Goodnight moon

Close my eyes and say goodnight to the moon then I look into this room that I share with you it so soft and warm and there’s our bed where we lay our heads climbing into bed

The Myth of Narcissus

A rogue narcissus, punching its way on through


i loved my girlfriend alot.. but after a long time only saperation we both got.. One day came.. when i took all blame..

Isolated Cactus

You said I had backbone...


can't be your easter bunny, but...

The Email.

This is a true story.

Tightrope Walker (second chapter)

Hetta arrives at the Brush Palace to meet with Queen Regent Terrance Muffin.

What was normal

Back to the mundane; where would any of our lives be without the ordinary that underpins everything.

Emma's Back

Emma’s Back If Elliott caught it right, the steel sang under the water. Cold water makes it sing like a salmon in a sunlit spring river.


Smiles P K Routray Singing a lullaby softly for her child the lady rustic is working in the field adding to the nature, the grandeur and splendor

Santa Comes to Nottingham

But today's Santa was perhaps the biggest disappointment of all, seeing as he looked like a crack addict.

Number 63

I danced for him at the hospital. I knew, that September evening, that it was his last. So I stood at the foot of the stiff white bed and I danced for him, for a life lived, and a man loved.


Desire is a creature that lives underground; in its long, dark tunnels it crawls all around. Some say it's a monster; some claim it’s not real and ignore that deep, gnawing desire they feel

The Tree

The boy decided to rest in the crook of this branch. By now he must be 75 feet in the air. A rabbit below seemed to be going in a circle, causing the boy to felt dizzy.