Aunty Annie's Bible study sessions

We met at a normal conventional Bible study I was a visitor. I was treated well by the young people and felt welcome. Mary-Anne was apparently more of a guest speaker.

Valley Of Death (3.1)

She either knew you or she didn’t.

A sunny day in Bognor

When some people make sandwiches. they know what goes with what.
Gold cherry

Probably start a poetry night

It’s nights like this I think about Whitby. Whitstable

Holiday snaps

But in the canteen she is so happy saying: these are us the sandcastles we made

The Lords Army

The Lord's Army Whether in camo or suits In dress shoes or boots. Everyone of us Is a soldier Whether for our country or for God The Holy Spirit never dies

Satan And Mrs. Satan

“What do you mean, you don't like the burgundy flock wallpaper I've put up on the chimney breast?” Brian Lucifer said to his missus.

Satan And His Little Imps

Brian Lucifer admired the burgundy flock wallpaper that he had just finished applying to the chimney breast in his living room.

Chapter 15. The Huntress

Introducing the ship full of hot women! Although novel is not taking quite as trashy a turn as that might suggest.


Lest we forget.

Day Three ( Cont)

Day three comes to a close. Robbie has a plan and Ivan is thing about revenge.

The Dreamer

I always had been a strange sort of person, I dreamed too much of the future and wouldn’t live in the present.

Ghosts (Book 1 Part 10)

Some animals eat their young. I imagine that no thought goes into devouring one’s offspring when one is a mere animal, incapable of any sort of emotion. However, it is not human to fuck children.

christian drama week

forget the fact that the “prophecies” written in the “old testament” just happen to be “fulfilled” in the “new testament,” because the writers of the “second book”

big apple drones

so Bloomberg has no problem with the coming of the drones--- that’s right folks, the mayor of your city has no problem with invading your lives to the point where the swooping electronic

The Waiting Room

"What is your name?" "Henry Lee." She took out an Ipad and punched in his name. "I'm afraid your name is not in the Book of Life." "What do you mean? I accepted Jesus Christ when I was 13."


The cherry blossom Filled the tree A brief spectacle


My doctor says I have been in continent,


Are you wearing a chapeau? That’s the French for hat you know?


21 little devils slain at the hands of a martyr as he was given his wings and sainted by god himself. His name written forever in scripture while their's used only to gain