the PrOphET theory

Is a project im working on so yes copyright and stuff exist. So one scene is trying to discuss how and why a prophet exists. Ok jesus for an example...

Downpour(III:8) Mickey

Here it is, the final chapter of Downpour. Had a lot of fun writing this book, and hoped it was at least not terrible to read. Thanks for all of your...

Pebbles on the beach - Moses, 23rd February, 2000

The next bit of something longer I'm writing, housed in the collection called Anthropocene :)

28. Jesus He Knows Me

... and he knows I'm right.

27. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

" Who's to say, who's the better Man? But I always done the best I can... ' The Standells (Or the Count Bishops' version, if you want it with extra feeling...)

No Visit Today

I’m a stranger to myself she said A ghost that cannot haunt My thoughts like to stay at home Polishing measured taunts I can feel the pointing...

CC 79: Young Shadows

Cuchullain's Castle 79 Inspired by Elsie to do a footnote here :-)

Haiku Set 1

Neatly cut flowers All perfectly designed Pinned to her gown … Growing from the dust From seed to plant to flower Colours that explode … She is at my...

Tweet Poetry Set 2

Her reflection shows Through shades of blue Eyes hosting a soul That has locked away All the memories of you … Dear Lord, Let me not stay Let me not...

Downshire Diary – (12) Marrying Dorcas (Part 06)

On Saturday morning they were up early and got downstairs for breakfast as soon as they started serving and all the time they were there breakfasting Dorcas kept fidgeting and looking at her watch or fiddling with her phone and she hardly ate a thing in fact Ben ate most of hers as well.


The daughter of one of Santa’s Elves Was out of control and a bit of a prancer


Ashley Matthews (Kari Hawker-Diaz) has been on her own all her life but she feels even more alone when it gets close to Christmas as she searches fruitlessly for a job and the endless Christmas cheer around her only rubs salt in the wounds as she scrimps and scrapes by to support herself and her dog, Dash.

The Wicked Stepmother

Once, a snake slithered into a royal bedroom and bit a queen upon her bigtoe while she was sleeping, killing her in an instant. The snake had been...

Button Moon

Dear readers, I am still trying to learn about poetry writing. I welcome any feedback or contructive criticism, I feel as though the only real way to...

Thoughts Of A Root Canal

Root Canal Work - by Paul McCann When the holes in your molars are on raw nerves and gums and your face swells up like a balloon , and you keep...

Salvation Came

Salvation Came By Paul McCann Creation came and you gave me a name and I grew up then you came to me again , like a burning flame , running through...

Loving Her

. Loving Her By Paul McCann I can give, I can take . I can bend , I won’t break and its all for the sake of her love. I...

Window 8) Suffering in place of …

The Psalm Jesus quotes on the cross foretells of one having to bear suffering so great, yet under God’s care; crucifixion pain, and lots cast for clothes, and then living to glorify God again. [See …

Chris Suprun and Texas's 38 Electoral Votes

I recently learned about a horrible thing that may happen to our country. Chris Suprun says that he will not give Texas's 38 electoral votes to...
Gold cherry
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Can't do audio or video, sorry. But I liked the nonsense challenge, thanks. Happy Christmas!