Chronicles Of Mr Alfred Muggins

A collection of Ongoing (?) (and rather exaggerated) Chronicles of the life of Mr Alfred Muggins, a very ordinary, and yet slightly extraordinary Englishman, an often grumpy husband in his mid fifties. These passages should not be taken too seriously, and may evolve with time and character development.

(The Ongoing?) (and rather exaggerated) Chronicles Of Mr Alfred Muggins : Mr Muggins Finds Inspiration From The Adventures Of Good Old King Henry

Alfred Muggins was sat in bed with his wife, both having slept late. She had been looking at facebook for a while, scrolling and scrolling, while he refused to be tempted into wakefulness. He knew he needed more sleep, as they had been watching historical dramas again, about that famous English King who had so many wives, and had become so cruel.

'Christmas!! Christmas!' (Mr A.Muggins at Christmas)

‘Christmas!! Christmas!!’ he swore to himself under his breath. It was all getting just too much for him. He was lazy enough at the best of times,...

Alfred Muggins Ponders The Royal Wives (Again)

Mr Muggins and his wife were in their (royal – he liked to think of it!) bed. It was not a four poster bed unfortunately, like Henry and his wives,...

The Six Wives of Mr Alfred Muggins (an idle fantasy)

Real Wife (Mrs Muggins) Alexa – imagining the woman behind that lovely Amazon woman’s voice! In actual fact his image of her changed with the seasons...

Mr Alfred Muggins' Thoughts On The Reformation

He had been virtually accused of racism in the summer for defending the statues on social media, but there was no foundation to it! What would they have accused him of if they had realised he was a fan of Henry VIII? At least he wasn't going to get his head chopped off.....