Of where will you speak, knowing?

What does it mean to belong to a place?

A breath of you

from you lifts me up as on a cloud. I try to get up from days of depression low low self-esteem, I want to yawn the day away... I couldn't care less about the world, then you speak to me

A British Spy

M entered the room. Gabriel was smoking a cigarette on the couch. M sat down across from him: "So you wish to be a British Spy?" "Of course. Is that a problem?"

A British Spy 2

Gabriel was driving very fast, ultra fast on the highway. He felt at home with the music of Mozart's 40th played by Michiko Uchida. His eyes turned cold and emotionless as he sped faster.

A British Spy 3

"Blink once if you know someone is a spy," Francis asserted. "Yes," Gabriel answered. "Where are we?" asked Gabriel. "Montana." "When was I flown to Montana?" "While you were sleeping."

A British Spy 4

"Henry Lee." "It could very well be a Chinese name. Are you sure you are not Chinese?" "No Pure Korean-American," Gabriel answered.

A British Spy 5

Gabriel logged onto the "Visitors.Com" website. He pressed the "chat" button. Guest: Henry Lee. "How have you been?" "Good. *blink* "

A British Spy 6

Gabriel inserted a thin needle into the center of the wine-cork until the needle let out on the other side of the cork. In the middle of the poisonous vial, there was a sticker he needed to remove.

a flower lends its hands to gift charity

glow the sun, glow the valiant rose slippers continents of buds under the rain, lending her hands spread out, the stalk buds to stem she says, "I went out to find paradise

A Korean-American Princess

I don't really understand it and I really don't know if there is anything to understand. Am I obsessed?

A Korean-American Princess 2

I want to say something to her. I want to tell her she's beautiful. I want to tell her that I want her?

A Korean-American Princess 3

The phone conversation is paraphrased: "Hello... Grace." "Hello. Who is this?" "I'm going to hang up the phone," Jack says. "Don't. Don't. Just talk to her," I plea.

A Lost

where are you? wandering the streets, looking for a home looking for someone who understands, looking for someone who loves. so many days have you spent in the streets, living under bridges,

A Spy

He didn't know when he suspected it. It was a creeping feeling, something that was gnawing at him day and night. He just didn't know when it had begun...

A Storm

Jason Lee sped through the highway into his girlfriend's living room. Hi Hi She was smoking cooly on the living room couch. She did not bother to get up. Instead, Jason sat next to her.

A Storm 2

Jason Kim and Jessica Kwon are driving to a party in his car. So who was she? No one. Did you fuck her? As she asks this, she buries her face in her hands. You did, didn't you?

A Usual Suspect

"What the fuck do you want from me?" Gabriel asked. "Who are you working for?" "For myself, you fucking moron." The man taped his mouth.

A Usual Suspect II

Gabriel didn't want to do this. He hated this. He had to literally destroy himself to become a Mu-Dang, a shaman. He had to forget who he was...

A visitor

He sat in his office, exhausted. He was not quite sure that he was a writer. His novels... they lacked depth. He wanted to express so much. "Knock, knock." "Who is it?"


Asking Abraham to sacrifice Issac

After 6 Years

of being with (a drop of silence away) you were, you swept away my tears leaved in sorrow, knit inside. So many days my heart was soaked in alcohol, trying to shake off

After the silence

the ground almost swallowed those moments in which my mouth was closed as a zipper is closed with threads in a ritual adapted by two or three men with dicks enough to rape me, shutting

After Years

Again we meet without quite knowing the right words which express, which connect the things we might have felt through young, shapeless shells. We were in the lap of something so simple,

After Years

I don't know what has happened to me. I no longer belong to any society. Those whom I saw as my friends have left me or I have left them.

After Years 2

I was also suicidal. I think that this was the first time in my life I seriously considered suicide. I really did not want to live.

Afternoon at the Lagrande Jatte

Those faces and bodies at the park, colored dots juxtaposed with fancy, souls intermixed with pain and stillness, arrive, the beach is humming with mellifluous sounds, never heard before

Afternoon of a Faun

Imagine if one is unmasked: A forest with dream-lidded eyes appears. Leaves may waver in a place, but groups of clustered foliage entwine around a body that is neither yours or mine.

Against Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a hot-button issue in American Universities. I will discuss the use of affirmative action solely in American universities and its effectiveness.

Almost Summer

summer to me is a blonde moment: my kids, Daniel and Samuel love to catch hermit crabs the beach is rolling and rolling and rolling -many breasts of the sea breathing- rocking

Alone, Ashamed

I was so ashamed after all the others had been shot killed off, disappeared: lost. I did not know what to do. I had been underground for so long eating bits of bread, rationing.

Am I slowly killing myself

with alcohol with sleep with movies: there was a time when movies used to excite, now they bore me, make me wonder why I am watching them. I drink alcohol to get a high, thinking

American Politics 1

Definitions of Conservatives and Liberals: I feel the need to define what I mean by Conservative and Liberal here. Conservative:

American Politics 2

2 Religious Conservatives:

An American

"So I am an American now?" Derek asked. "Yes. 100%." "No longer hypenated." "Yes." Derek was becoming intensely happy inside. Then he asked,

An American 2

Derek drove to his house. Derek entered the door to his house. "Hello, Derek." "Who are you? How did you get in?"

An Immortal

"So I'm an immortal," asked Jason Lambert. "Yes, you are," responded the doctor. "I won't die if I get hit by a bullet." "No." "How about a nuclear explosion?"

An Immortal 2

Jason sat quietly in his seat during the meeting. He did not have anything particular to say. "Neuroscience will be our gate to new, marketable products," someone asserted.

An Immortal 3

"You're early," Mark remarked. "Yes, and you're still in bed." "I'm trying to recover from a bout of depression."

An Immortal 4

"Because of Francis' excellent critique of our "primitive" internet sex device, we have decided to create something altogether new," the executive committee leader stated, "Here it is!"

An Immortal 5

"Jump!" "What?" "I said jump." "I thought this was supposed to be a sexual dream." "You're impotent." "Even in my dreams?" "Yes. Jump!"

An Immortal 6

The Egg slowly opened. Francis and Jason stepped out. "It's a wonderful success," Francis beamed with a smile. Then, she squeezed Jason's hand. Jason looked at her for a slight second.

An Immortal 7

"IP (Immortality Project) has not existed for 10 years," Jason responded. "You are mistaken. It has. I am the daughter of Frankel Mitt, the person who started IP," Francis said.

An Immortal 8

"You tore their limbs apart?" Jason asked curiously with an evil smile.

An Immortal 9

"My father thought impotence would solve the sexual violent streaks; however, it did not. Instead of the sexual violent streak, the person became comatose for one day."

Anne Hathaway In Les Miserables

Not since the films of Ingmar Bergman have I seen such nakedness, such naked, glamourless acting displayed on the screen.

Anne Hathaway In Les Miserables 2

Picasso's "The Young Girls of Avignon" created a scandal in 1907. He was painting prostitutes but he was also painting young women.

Anne Hathaway In Les Miserables 3

The castration that Fantine wants is the castration of the aristocratic, military state from the world of Christian Humanism and the Catholic Church.

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents 5

One time in my life, when I was about 18 or 19, I myself became very attracted to Japanese Fascism.

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents 6

So what's my point? My point is that WASPS, seeing themselves as mature adults, try to keep other races "adolescent."

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents 7

This numinosity, this light in the human soul that directs human action is not something that just the Japanese have.

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents 8

There are three questions I want to ask here: 1. Is it possible to sustain an export-driven economy? 2. Is the export-driven economy a mature economy?

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents?

No matter how many articles I read about Asians, the thing that strikes me is the portrayal of Asians as a people who have not fully matured, who have not become fully individualized...

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents? 2

Right now, there is a very tense situation in Korea. North Korea has been building a nuclear program and South Korea, Japan, and China are very nervous.

Are Asians Perennial Adolescents? 3

After World War II, the US helped to rebuild the Japanese economy. After all, Fascism had been destroyed in Germany and Japan. The new enemy was Communism. US needed Germany and Japan as allies.

august 1, 2013

now, the new york times reports that middle class income has gone down by 20% ($100,000 to $80,000)with both parents working I suppose. it seems a little high to me, but what do I know?

august 1, 2013: 2

lastly, if the US corporations do not pay taxes to countries overseas (Apple, Microsoft, etc), I am assuming that foreigners corporations do not pay taxes to the US government when they do business in

Behind the niceness

our facades, on display as in a museum with smiles out to play. what lies behind those curtains behind the icing behind the outside, what happens to all the things gone wrong,

Being a Korean-American 2

The first time I felt at home in the culture of America, not even a hypenated identity but just like other Americans is when I went to Welsh Valley Middle School. The school was predominantly Jewish.

Being a Korean-American 4

After the Hill School, I was not quite sure how I would continue with school.

Being Korean-American

Back in 1981, when I was nine. I was given a book about Americans by my parents, I believe. I saw the cover of the book with the blonde American dad, smiling. The mother was very pretty.

Being Korean-American 3

My mother, my mother. She was into upward mobility. She wanted me to go to a better school. She made me take the SSATs. I did not do very well.


Freud (cont): Sublimation: We take our barbaric instincts and sublimate them. Art and Classical music are forms of sublimated will.

Between two lines

where am i between two lines, trying so hard to be good on the one side, on the other stuck to the earth, made of primal instincts, a military demeanor, straight, stuck to the gun after.

Bipolar Episodes

My first bipolar episode happened around 2005. I had just gotten married and my wife was pregnant. It was not the best time for a bipolar episode but it just happened.

Bipolar Episodes 2

Once I got to Virginia, I thought that things would get better. It only got worse. I got it into my thick head that my wife was a North Korean Spy and that my brother was a South Korean Spy.

Bisexual Psychology

1. Superego - formulated by a community of respected authority figures that control our superegotistical tendencies. 2. Ego - I. The I that says, I think; therefore I am.


Breath, sigh, enjoy.

Breaking Apart

nude descending the staircase

Business as Usual

A Woman becomes obsessed with trying to figure out what her boss is thinking.

Can't start a fire without a light

"Is she finished?" Claire asked. "Yes. Here is your certificate of authenticity," the scientist handed her the certificate.

Can't start a fire without a light 2

"You're late!" Abigail snapped. Then another Claire appeared. "Who's she?" "Her name is Sarah Albright. She's going to be living with us." "She's a clone, isn't she?" "Abigail, don't say that."

Can't start a fire without a light 3

"Herman, I'm home," Abigail gleefully said. "Please come in, Abigail Goldman and her friends," Herman answered.

Can't start a fire without a light 4

"The Egg is a grand success. Churches want to buy it and use it to unite couples long separated. Everybody wants the Egg.

Can't start a fire without a light 5

"So love is blind," Sarah observed. "Justice is also blind," Jason continued. "Then all's fair in love..." "That's a contradiction." "Why?" "You're saying that justice is anarchy."

Can't start a fire without a light 6

"Sarah Albright at the door. Should I let her in?" asked Hermann. "Yes," Claire answered. "SO how was it?" questioned Claire. "It was the most wonderful night of my short life."

Can't start a fire without a light 7

"So you love Jason." "As much as I know." "You can have him during the night." "You're not jealous?" "No, he's nothing like I imagined him to be." Claire's eyes seemed to be dancing.

Christ arose again

and gave us new life. Fertility - the vernal equinox... he was born when evil was overtaking the world, and he died to bring light. Lucifer means "Morning Light" but Christ brings light

Christmas is

when Christ came into the world wombed it at its darkest point and saved it from being consumed by Satan. So many were sick, having lived in sin... doing the same old things again and again

Cindy Kim

I don't know what I want from this world. I do know that I want Henry. He is just so attractive. He is self assertive, masculine, and optimistic.


you shall have prophetic powers beyond belief, release yourself of your sarcasm, become Medusa, you shall see things about your land of spirits, your vision quest, you are the dearest,


sometimes when i think of all all i see are a stream of stars pooling around the corner near the Milky Way. sometimes i worship your genius am so jealous of your inventiveness

Claire De Lune

Dear Mrs. Kang,

Clocked, timed and known

"Are you relaxed now?" she asked. He had no idea where he was or who he was. "Yes," he responded, not knowing what he was saying. She kissed him.

Clocked, timed and known II

Who was she? He couldn't remember. He wasn't sure of anything, only that he had met someone, a woman. What was she trying to tell him? He wondered about her.

Clocked, timed and known III

"Who are you?" Father Kim asked. "I am a woman. I can see that you are a man... or you appear to be one," she remarked. "Why are you living inside of the boy's soul?"

Clocked, timed and known IV

"So what do you suggest that I do Father?" Young Min asked, "Do you suggest that I leave the poor boy alone?" "Yes."

Clocked, timed and known V

"Young Min, May I speak to the young boy?" Father Kim asked. "Yes. Please do." "Young Boy, what is your name?" "It's Young Min Boy." "What do you mean by that?"

Clocked, timed and known VI

"Young Min," Father Kim said. "What?" "Why don't you enter my soul and leave the poor boy alone?" "Why should I?" "Because it would be a challenge." "Are you sure you want this?" "Yes."

Colors of Sight

Do you see, your eyes swim out so far from the shore, wandering into the night, floating upon the waves (heaving chest, breath of fine threads, one...

Conventional Things

to love one's wife is the synergy of love that overflows from God's grace. our goals are banal... to build a home, to have kids, to work... it is good to do these things.

Conversations at Woos

Gabriel sat comfortably on the couch, his face turned as red as an uncooked steak. Cindy sat down across from him. "Henry is a bit late tonite."

Dear Christ

You who saved me from the terrible weight of my sin, breaking my soul down, surfing down from the handiwork of the stars to save me, Lord walking alone on the gibbous moon.

Deconstructing Context

One word that continually pops up in Postmodern discourse is "context." Now Postmodernists are quick to point out that context is temporal, finite, and not all that meaningful.

Deconstructing Context 3

A more curious and wonderful deconstruction of context has resulted in the foregoing of all groups. After all, if you keep on deconstructing context, then the final context is the individual.

Deconstructing Context 4

Without limits, one cannot define oneself. The individual becomes a continuum without limits. And being a continuum is a terrible thing that destroys the most creative, genius types.

Deconstructing Context 5

Now, in this Nabokovian Universe, almost everything seems to be permissible. At the same time, not everyone is teeming with personality and character as in Nabokov's novels.

Deconstructing Context 6

Now, you are ask why society is being fragmented on ideological and racial grounds. It is very simple. There is really no unified theory of the Universe.

Deconstructing Context 7

Now, there is nothing wrong with putting things in their context. After all, we are not God. But Postmodernism

Deconstructing Context 8

The hermeneutics of suspicion is basically a theory of suspicion.

Della elusia theos agape

E della elusia mente Qui ella dente Melliflusia tremedum elente Fluosa voce ciela miente. Your voice is of the heavens Dotted with stray stars meowing in the night

Father's Day

I think it strange having a day for Fathers, for God Our Father, Our loving Father and us his shadow. Mothers are so forgiving and understanding of us... we have our bad habits and hangups

July 17th, 2013

It's been 5 or 6 days since my last drink. Sometimes, I really crave a drink. Especially during the early afternoon hours and the early evening hours.

July 23, 2013

I woke up. I can't remember when I woke up. I went to work at around 12 o clock. I drove to my mother's house and asked her to come with me to work.

July 25th, 2013

I'm really fucking pissed off today. It was one of the managers at my brother's salon that pissed me off. You ask her a question and she's always dancing around.

July 29, 2013

woke up at 6. Tired. Worked yesterday. Had a few drinks over the weekend. Drinking makes my body tired but it helps relieve the stress.

July 31,2013

americans seem to have no clue as to what is happening to their country. an Italian-irish person I meet regularly at a chinese restaurant has a clue and so do others I speak to.


Is renewal possible in the current world? is renewal in drinking, partying and oblivion and philosophizing or is it in the going beyond gate gate paragate

Robert Trousseau

Robert was looking for his glasses. It seemed to be an eternity that he was looking for his glasses. Where were they? Were they in the freezer?

Robert Trousseau 2

"Dad, I just wanted to tell you that I loved you," Trisha tried to say sincerely. "Why didn't you just text me?"

Robert Trousseau 3

"Dad?" "What?" "Are you angry with me?" Robert looked at Trisha. He smiled. He gray-silvered beard felt comfortable. "It's been a long time. How have you been?"
Story of the week

Robert Trousseau 4

"Are you really placing Wittgenstein in the existential tradition?" asked Robert. "Of course. He's really the German-Jewish Nietzsche," Gabriel answered. "How so?' Deborah asked.

Robert Trousseau 5

"Do you love me," asked Deborah. As much as he could love, wanted to answer Robert. It was difficult to love. So much easier to like. Was love a pleasure or a difficult task?

T.S. Eliot and the Dissociative Sensibility 1

T.S. Eliot was one of the few poets concerned with cultural coherency, that is, Western cultural coherency.

Thou Art Holy

To look upon Thine face is to stare upon Eternity, so Holy art Thou. Angels bow down before you, praising you with their wings, praising you with song, spreading their love.

how unconsciously you we live

what are you eating why are you eating it food is a drug addictive sugars cascade down your throat... the body is an illumination of the human soul love for being is divine radiates

live dangerously

build your house in the hills of Vesuvius dare to express your opinion even though everyone else is forever explaining away your opinions live passionately reason drowns you

It's All Going...

The roof has fallen on me, my soul is drowning without faith. I wonder who I am where am I to go, how weighty and hard each thing seems one thing after another happens it's crazy

Please don't hate me

Please don't hate me although I'm secretly a man who loves to be hated. please don't call me a yellow nigger unless you really mean it. I can't hate you either,

September, 2001

The towers fell A waterfall of layers Farted dark smoke Which travelled to corners or cul de sacs Bleeding like a mad wound Breaking skin and bones ripped Swallowed underground wonder

So hard...

so hard to let go of who I was. So hard to go on, the id is made weak. I let myself go, exploring my consciousness, wanting to try everything, wanting to be everyone, you end up

The drunken boat

Where if not in america Is the future born... Innovative souls who want to improve the world Through technology Bloodied with time and beauty Blushing under the metal sky

The Interview

Trisha Trousseau

Skulls & Bones

Yale seemed pretty much like Harvard except that it was a little more polite. She saw the similar names of the Halls, but things were a little more playful. It was more serene at Yale.

The face you wear

ought not to shut you in screen-play to another film, stiple bury you inside a mummified other. the face that you wear is for protection, it's an armour a clever contraption...


sometimes i explode with tears, fold the towels, drain... little by little drip by drip my confusion dissolves... i'm outside the window, the mirror the blind someone ought to know

Listen, you

I know you are a part of me, sometimes I am afraid so terribly afraid of what you might do what you might say, you are so angry with the world, so deaf to messages of love, you are crippled,

Seeing the past as something other than...

it doesn't seem so meaningless any more, my past, years and years of searching for ways to bandage myself, listening to the crazy voice in my head, doing the wrong things,

Impeccable Faultiness

I thought I was free the leaves of a tree, falling the natural pendulum, descend stairs of air. Over and over, the seasonal vase breaks, colored boats of pedals once watered,


you become depressed, so depressed, it's surprising how down and out you are. you thought you could handle it, that it would never end, but whatever does not kill you makes you stronger.

Just a Moment

Just downright down and low.


Mystery of your face, mirrors of your grace, many smiles have met those lips, faint kisses filled iwth contempt, naked asps dance in the air, twist no one's fair. Meeting you was like

Perfect Strangers

A womanizer falls in love with a real manipulator.


Esteem yourself.

Double Seppuku

Knock! Knock! Knock! Gabriel peeked into the small glass hole. He saw the distorted face of Heloise. "What do you want? I'm a loner. I don't want to be disturbed. Please go away!"


Tears began to form in Gabriel's eyes as he remembered Heloise. He had been in so much pain back then, trying to prove himself. Why had it been so important that he prove himself to women?

Meaningless, Reality

Whether I do one thing or another thing, things remain the same. It occurs to me that if I die, someone else like me will arise.

Love Ladders

Can one hear the voice of a lover within one's own heart? Does the sound of the other travel through space and time to ignite the flame of one's soul, animating one's being?

Love Extended

Your black pearl eyes are in heat. "Follow me," they say, to the little town of my mind. Your small body (a viola I used to covet in my 6 year-old phase) under my blanket tucked.


A voice: a channel of sounds remurmuring through one mouth. One voice arises from a mouth as open as the moaning sea. A voice seeks another voice to sing with (A companion of breath

Rape in 30 minutes lasts

You wonder, no matter how egotistical you were no matter how many lies you told, you wonder no matter how evil you were if you deserve that thing that keeps you locked within --


I know they reside within me. They've obviously made a home in the country of my heart. I just don't know what they'll do once they awake. I've buried so many things in their armpits,

The Investigation

Cindy opened the door. "Hello. We've been expecting you."

Gabriel Analyzed

"I want to talk about my dream last night," Gabriel started. "Sounds good," his psychoanalyst responded.

Trisha Analyzed

"The Directorate of Intelligence told me that I acted too quickly. The Directorate of Intelligence does not control my life. They told me to take care of the "Timothy" problem. I did.

Gabriel's Thoughts After Therapy

The window. How had she connected that with the movies?

Trisha's Interior Monologue

It could be true. There was in language a meaning, a truth, that I could not deny. But God told me the truth, that was a simple fact. How did I verify the truth of God though?

Mirrors of Ugliness

Don't Know: don't know: don't know whether the physical error I must be (the constant sense of being Outside, outside the shutters of my eyes = an imaginative construct of my brain's

I wanted so much for it to be true

It made me so happy to be free... after all, i wanted it so much to be real. i had friends and they listened, i belonged, i really did feel that i belonged. then the girls came,


There is time for work, time to close your eyes late at night, time to be, your kids smile in the morning like moons, a bright jewel under the charcoal's skin.

Gabriel (Thinking)

Gabriel thought about his life. He wanted to blame someone for his life. He had become such a failure. True, he owned a grocery store, but that wasn't enough. He had wanted to be a great novelist.

Gabriel Freed

He called Cindy. Gabriel: "You are no longer allowed to freely use the products of my grocery store for your restaurant."

In Gabriel's Apartment

"Trisha?" he thought. She didn't look anything like a Trisha. Trisha was a prostitute's name. She had very direct eyes. They were kaleidoscopes, her eyes.

Running, Trisha

Trisha was running, running, and running. She had dreamt that she was partially nude. The hair around her clitoris was being combed by the breeze outside. There were people around her, laughing.


There is nothing I could do to complete the feelings you touch, poke me, deflate me with needles of infinite calm. I see your hair burn from the downs into the evening of lids. Stilled,

Nudely Explore: impressions of S. Korea

I'm comfortable at home. I know what many things mean. I can read the language of the times, laugh, see and hear. I can drink a beer, feel released from my present cares.

Drips of emotion hint at

between the drops of nude quotations popping by you would almost speak pregnant with baby words not yet out, growing inside trying to find the right way the less slippery road to say


I don't know where to begin. I never thought of politics as an important thing. It never really mattered who got elected, I was still the same. My life had not really changed. Politics?


Why is it so hard for me to be patriotic? After all I'm supporting the War against terrorism in Afghanistan. It's just hard to watch bombing after bombing on TV and cheer


ghosts believe they are still alive, they are still running They are searching for their daughters and sons, even their mistresses, they are searching. some of them are crying unreal tears,


Why did I believe in the big lies the Bush Administration told me? George Bush said it. Vice President Cheney said it. Others said it. Palestine, Iraq, and Osama Bin Laden were all connected


What if the US had not gone into Iraq? What if we had put all our resources into the war in Afghanistan, strengthened our ties with India, driven out the Al Quaeda in Pakistan?

Impressions of South Korea 1

My first visit to South Korea was in 1993. I was a strange person back then. I had just dropped out of St. John's College in Annapolis Maryland.

Impressions of South Korea: Work Ethic 1

"Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger." Nietzsche "You do not know what is enough until you know what is more than enough." Nietzsche (approximate quote)

Impressions of South Korea: Work Ethic 2

It's May 17th or 18th, 2009. I'm visiting Yeouido for the second time. My wife says that I lack motivation. It's true. I can't deny it. I remember one commercial.

Impressions of South Korea: Work Ethic 3

His words hurt me. My father-in-law has said that his words are like bitter medicine that heals.

Impressions of South Korea: Work Ethic 4

Saul Bellow once said that more Americans die of heartbreak than anything else.

Impressions of South Korea: Work Ethic 5

The hairstylists in our salons love the floor. I tell them my father-in-law and I spent 5 to 6 hours cleaning it. They keep on looking at it. The keep on smiling at me.

Impressions of South Korea: Conversations, Thoughts, Etc.

These conversations between my relatives and I have been pruned and restructured. These conversations are paraphrased.

Impressions of S. Korea: Thoughts, Conversations, Etc. 2

There are things about S. Korea one cannot change. Things have been the way they are for years. The Corporations are like the ancient feudal structures. The CEO's are like local lords.

Impressions of S. Korea: Insadong

I want to visit a place in Seoul, a place that is memorable, a place that is atypical or unique. She suggests Insadong. She says that it is a very traditional village.

Song of David

O Lord, I beseech you to forgive. I am your most loyal servant. I have sinned. I have gravely broken your words. Heal me of this wound... the mad curls of her luscious hair,

The Waist Land 1

T.S. Eliot Wasteland translated into America's current waistland.

Waist Land 2

A Game of Guesses Jack keeps on giggling when I eye him. He keeps on staring at me when we eat.

Waist Land 3

The Switch of Gender Roles I tell Jack what to do now. "Clean the fucking toilet" He does it. I felt so inferior to him for so long as my curls bounced in the air.

Waist Land 4

What the shrink said: -Who are you? he asks. -I'm me. Who are you? -I'm your shrink. -I'm paying you so you better say nice things about me. -My ethics are going down the drain.

Waist Land 6

I wonder why I can't say what I mean. Why can't I say exactly what I mean? I mean, wouldn't that be a mirror of life, to speak out of the engine of an internal consciousness that is as much

Summer Fever

The young ladies who are so true, their eyes do dance under the summer lights, they are more beautiful than any person known. There are those who walk with blonde hair,

Silver net of souls

the filiaments of the sun's rays so softly netted her nude body, a lady with a mind of her own the warbling of birds in the night keened to a scorching pitch,

The Game

let us love each other more than love can bear and then we shall see the face of God, the vivacities of vulvacies, minted in fame, our eros will explode like the eiffel tower,


bellissima, you are the muse of for Tom Cruise, Stanley Kubrick, Sidney Pollack, and so many others. "Every angel is terrifying" Rilke, but your beauty absolutely obliterates,

The Interrogation of Gabriel

Gabriel was walking home from work, very stressed. He was wondering why Korean-Americans were so lazy. Every time he turned his back, they were smoking cigarettes or doing something else.

Interrogation of Gabriel 2

"Are you male or a female?" "Mail," answered Gabriel. "Fex EX?" "Air Force." "Premium?" "Excellent."


i see the best and brightest and wonder where they will be when maturity becomes a kind of Nebuchadnezzar when people sacrifice their kids to the God of consumerism

Our love

Our love was much too much it hurt so much to love you I have so completely lost my mind your boundless love devoured me. I wanted so much to be right love you once and no more

How I saw myself.

A conflicted soul so much in need sometimes i really detest myself evil as i am other times I see myself as very very good almost angelic, a dance of souls the dance of rivers out to sea.


is a shower of stars petal after petal flowoverly flowering through the logos spermatikos spreading through one's body, filling it with joyous spirituality

Let your soul wash

your memories away RUN after all that has been imprinted on your SOUL, it's endless bliss afterfoamin' shower after shower of beings, lost or gone into the night THE SIGHT if fore'er after

Trisha at Gabriel's Place

[Crime and Punishment][The Brothers Karamazov][The Collected Works of Kim Il Sung][Without Feathers][The Collected Works of Rilke][To Know a Woman]:

Twin Desires

The world's no longer a veil of tears as joys uncoil from inane phrases and the heart opes its chambers through arteries of sounds it's never admitted before. Skies

Trying to Improve

Why do I enter the same patterns again AS IF these patterns defined myself? I was so lazy, sleeping to wave after wave off my problems, feeling a horrible weight (a stone, a rock, a problem)

Into Silence

my face dropped like water, lost (no longer possessing any characteristic of eyes, nose, lips: alone) not knowing, dressed in shame i could not say, no words like bubbles

I cannot say

when you are so full... your footsteps, fragments of sparkling nets throwing themselves on dark slippery, rippling echoes, i cannot say what is so ephermeral about you forever breaking into

So much anger and confusion inside

that i feel primitive, the violent sick thoughts and emotions inside are tethered togethered, vined in strange fashions, they breathe through terror films, through avenues of shock.

Someone said

that a bomb had hit our building. her face was about to crumble. i was about to move, but my back hurt so much. i did not know what to do. someone banged opened the door, asked

You can only be a victim for so long before

you victimize yourself. You become lazy because no one taught you to be industrious. you are so angry at those who made you into a target, a thing, a transferrance

The stars

are beacons in the night whose curly hair, dark melliflous inkblot the light brushstrokes of God, dotted for the universe to breathe. no breath can hold the sound of a star trailing off

Where has the ground gone?

Where is that warm-hearted feeling of security? Only dry seeds left out in the thunderstorm, no elevation of feeling to the eiffel tower of a long-lasting orgasm,

Fall Nights

the mad hairs of the wind are unloosed, they shake and drum eerily on the windows, almost an old clairvoyant knocking on the door to tell me something terrible. look at those eyes

Just a grammatical ornament 1

i got to tell you that i'm nothing important. i mean, i'm just a grammatical thing. the great thing is i can change from being a (.) to a (!) within seconds.

IN little, small pains

my body longs to sleep wounded, the lusty dream of America muddied by everyday experience. the long backbone of the goddess feeds longed for souls of optimism into me,

Just a grammatical ornament 2

you see what a tough job i have. i wouldn't want it any other way though. i mean, i like the universe of grammatical signs. The exclamation mark looks like a bat.

Just a grammatical ornament 3

but it's true. no matter how much i try to delight in being a sign, i really wanted to be a word.

Just a grammatical thing 4

The period then made its dull appearance: "I'm the period and i am not BORING!

Just a grammatical thing 5

% and $ stared at me for a while, perhaps trying to figure me out. "So they stuck you here with us for attempting to assault (?"

my heart slowly opens

my heart went blank as the mind does, it was as if it had lost all its memories, loving become but a fad, nothing to hold onto, for so long it was a heart that wanted more than anything

Don't push so hard

the door is meant to be closed. it's not what you think, the center does not hold the answers, only animals live there, it's a puzzle why we are trying to see something as banal as a zoo.

Why is it so hard to change?

after realizing you can't go on the way you've been living, that it's just not going to work, why does it take cancer, being sued, being humiliated, being taken past the breaking point

Love stretches

a kiss to kiss, a moist succulent strawberry of tongue cherished and embellished, diving nude to meet its partner in a swollen embrace, the throb of desire thumping madly,

Sometimes we want the world

so bad, it's an ache that longs to be held. we want to make the world a home, we want to prove that we struggled with the world as Jacob struggled with God and we won, it's so inevitable


make me into an image which flies into oblivion, embraces bliss, turns into a burning light which burns out when all things are seen... do not, have pity on me Lord,

Where have you gone

into the thick of the night into the forest as green and envious as money paper bills fluttering, buttered by the sighs and flatteries of young boys, your thumping throes...

Oh Lord, have pity on me

Oh Lord, have pity on me, don't strike me with your awful rod... I was a yellow sheep, I felt so underappreciated and ignored... i wanted nothing more than your love amor, sa rang, te amo...

do not flower too well

your breathe, the stem... you grow below the sunshine, stretching hairs of light breathe, your grow with tension: do not long to become the full radiance where life will eat you

Do not think that what you see is...

what you get, there is no truth in what you see the value of which has been defined repeated through tv radio friends and others, but look deeper look within the eyes and search

Let me go

Let me go... I am not what you think of me... that is your idea. in the mountains and valleys of your memories, I reside longing, pining for the nights when under the brightest stars

When lust, I feel so horny, I wonder

if there is a woman as cheap as old abandoned cigarettes hand-rolled: to release to eject my frustrations with this fucking world which sells itself as modes of desire

those women who work well beyond their means

are sharp smart and a delight breaking down stereotypes, there is nothing in this world that is so precious that love does not exist there. i was headstrong, strung-out an electronic buzz

Do not love to hate me

because i am ugly. at least i've got character. i got color baby, i got something to give. Be indifferent to me instead knowing me a fool for you loving you more than you can know.

They'll make you work

to get your money which they are stealing from you. they'll make you work just to get back what you deserve. they'll make you work for honey they'll make you work like a dog.

Glory to God

in the highest, Christ has risen, he has conquered Satan and saved us from the horror the horror of our sins. we have done so much wrong schooled so many souls to death

Joseph Campbell

in the pain is the rapture of life, he said, our agon is our stillness, our separation from the world, our own little home. it's hard, but you must build a wall

To hate our enemies

to hate those who stall who make you wait so long for what you deserve is not easy, waiting in line for heaven's gate, waiting for eternity to shine its light. it's not easy to wait so long

Let me not sugar

you with the flow of love, lust upon your bushes of hair... toss all caution to the wind and slice my hands as though I were cutting thin air... do not say that you love me

Through the streets I wandered...

through the streets, i could see old Korea everywhere, they were all there the old servants, the old yang-bans, they were there, Korea was a land of the spirits... the will was there

do not

think me a mere fool to be played upon... i am a serious man possessed of many devious talents which i carry in my sleeve, do not think i possess venom, NO I possess sarcasm to make me a tool

Do not judge me so harshly

and bethink me a fool's delight, my mind is as clear as morning light in the throes of a summer height, do not think that I do not love thee well, nor bethink that i do not tread the narrow path

Jim & Nico

Hey Jim. Hey Nico. What's up? Nothing much. I feel like throwing myself off this cliff. Why? I dunno. Just because. Really? Really.

Within the silence

there is such violence brewing, I don't know what to say... righteous anger dipped in silence, the meal is not quite right. i do not know what it means to love anymore

let me not be seduced

by the ways of this world, let me keep a sacred and loving space in my soul, let me not think that everything has a price tag, let me know the true value of friendship, worth...

I am

fragile, easily broken, forgettable, my touch is gentle, quiet and disturbed like curtains rustling in the breeze, i wish to know, to have a definite opinion, but I don't, i simply waver

Visitor 2

She seemed to be looking into his eyes, searching for something real, something concrete. For a short time, her eyes almost felt like flashlights.

Visitor 3

"Where are you from anyway?" she asked as she lit another cigarette. "South Korea?" "What gives you the right to write about me?" she asked curiously, "What do you really know about me?"

Why do I crave

pornography to snuff out the ends of my confusion, i seek something in the night something in the day, some thing to light my way, why do i so poorly crave pornography?

the holy spirit has left me

all alone. I feel like a stranger to myself, not knowing my origins or how the source flows into my dreams and myself. I feel like a thing rather than a human filled with heart,

Do you FEEL accepted

accepted now that you're fabulously wealthy, able to buy anything you want? did the sting of social rejection leave you? do you feel beautiful now after so many plastic surgeries?

Do not leave me Lord

please, stay with me, create within me a pure heart filled with love a heart to live in glowing from the overflow of love from you. i cannot love people

First Love

I think I fell in love with her when I first met her. She was so cute. I was obsessed with cuteness and beauty.

In wanting so much to be loved

I find myself spoiling my kids, acting ridiculous, simply being not really trying to teach my kids the rules of life. I wanted my kids to hug me so hard after every gift

First Love 2

YES, they would pull us apart. We were so together and they would pull us completely apart. At first, people love to be around people who are in love... soon, the novelty of love fades.

First Love 3

When Beth and I broke up, that's when strange things started happening. Girls like Linda and Robin started to find me attractive. It occurred to me that they had read some of my notes to Beth.

First Love 4

Yes, I had felt nothing. Old feelings die hard. I have tried to find those old feelings again and again and they just aren't there.


Have I become a hypocrite? I please myself, a masturbater because the world did not love me I indulge myself and eat myself to pleasure having a low self-esteem, I try to reward myself.

Warm, Spring...

is miraculous when the moon is half afloat, I wish to ignite the stars and sing lullabies to the dead. the whisper of the night striking in repose, a lovely smile

The Pretender

He had no self-esteem and there was a big hole in his heart. He felt especially jealous of his brother when his brother got accepted at Harvard Law School.

New Hampshire Spring is...

really something else, the warm zephyrs rolled like a perfect joint, ascending sigh, the waves of sound huddling shrubs shiver bubbles: tell me tell me that you love me, your heart

Korean Americans

All the names have been changed. I am not trying to generalize about Korean-Americans. I am just trying to write about their lives.

Korean Americans : Kevin

Kevin talks about how difficult the divorce was for him. He really loved his American mother. After the divorce, he wanted to meet his biological mother, his Korean mother.

new hampshire spring waits

after the piiter-patter pawprints of rain, after the butterfly prints of snow, spring showers one with twirls of breeze-tossed hair... it seemed so cold just moments ago

When things go wrong

do not internalize, do not think you deserved it. some days, everything is fine everything is working then there's a hint of something a bit off and you go on and on, almost

Don't resign yourself

and think the machinery of repetition will ruin your dawn with the force of the sun, there is so much breath and hope in every drop of sweat which works to mend the soul of forever growing...

New in America 1

I came to America in 1981 with my family. To be more precise, we came to Pennsylvania. When our airplane was landing in Philadelphia, the lights of the city appeared like fallen stars.

New in America 2

In the classroom, I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea what the teacher was saying. After a week, the teacher handed out quizzes. I had no idea what was written on the piece of paper.

New in America 3

I felt distant myself. I missed my friends in Korea.

The Plan

I awoke up one day to discover that my mother had made breakfast for me: "Thanks mom." "I wanted to talk to you about something." "Talk."

The Plan 2

So that summer, Derek really began to study. He had a good mind. Actually, he had an excellent mind. He quickly absorbed the lessons of his mother who supervised his training with minute attention.

The Plan 4

How could he have gotten those 2 problems wrong?

The Plan 5

When he stepped onto the campus of Philips Academy, he felt that he was one step closer to his immediate goal, to go to Harvard. It was no longer about what his mother wanted. It was what he wanted.

The Plan 6

It was the first party that he had been to. It really wasn't all that different from what he imagined it to be.

The Plan 7

Derek walked downstairs. The Jazz music floated all around him. It sounded delicious. He sat himself down in front of the tv with the few others who had no friends. "Derek, is it?"

Plan 8

"Thank you so much." "You are welcome," Derek replied. "You don't want any money?" "What is your name? You never told me your name."

Plan 9

"Why are you doing this to me?" Derek asked. "Because I like to. I like to find out what people are." "It can't just be curiosity." "It is." "You're not going to tell anyone, are you?"

Plan 10

"Tell me about yourself Sarah? Why'd you come all the way to Andover?" "I want to succeed in America," Sarah answered. She took out a cigarette from her purse. She lit it quickly and inhaled.

Speak, Memory

"What memory would you like to erase?" asked the head nurse. "A... rape memory," Frederick started, "I raped a woman." "Just one woman?"


drumbeats under the gray clouds, clear slanted lines some plants fold around you, little and so many slide to plop and there is the sound, so many feet dancing... for so many days

Let us not forever be enemies

let us not forever hate each other, remember once we lay in each other's arms and loved all night. you loved my yellow skin and found me evil but delighted in saying so.

you would wage war upon me

would you do such a thing? wage a war upon me? are we not best friends, you just like me? thanatos turns into eros when the cycle turns, do not wage a war upon me for you will surely win.

Postmodernism in America

I hear the word, "Postmodernism," in churches and often I get a sense that the person does not really know what he is talking about.

Postmodernism in America 2

That's the facade of postmodernism in America, the Marxist, Anthropological angle on life. Behind the facade though, there is the real Postmodernism.

Postmodernism in America 3

Years ago, I loved reading the works of Hermann Hesse, who partly inspired the Hippi lifestyles of the American left in the sixties. He also inspired George Lucas and his mediocre Star Wars films.

Postmodernism in America 4

America is a land that prides itself in its uniqueness. Its robust individuality is something that Byron loved, Oscar Wilde found ironically humorous, And De Tocqueville celebrated.

Postmodernism in America 6

Nietzsche's critique of Western Philosophy:

Postmodernism in America 7

Freud: Influence in Hollywood: 1. thanatos - the military, anti-social death instinct. 2. eros - the multifold, life affirming sexual instinct.

You are

truly celestrial, celebrated wunderbar wishmaker... tell me, doth thou not have your WASP sharpness back, that aristocratic cruelty and discrimination?

elousia della bella

I'm deeply indebted to Professor Michael Porter and his book "Competitive Advantage" in discussing how Koreans apply their nature to business.


"Trisha, are you a Jew?" "Yes. Both my mother and father are Jewish although they have some French blood in them." "I did not ask whether your parents were Jewish, I asked if you were a Jew."


"Where am I?" Trisha asked. "You are in the land of the spirits," a woman answered. "What is the land of the spirits?" "It is a place where everything is permissible."

Do not

do this. push me beyond my limits, the ego breaks and dissolves. do not open the window through which sheer insanity and lunacy reside, I will not jump into that place.


Trisha flew once again into the air, up-the-airs of consciousness, a staircase of Airs, spirits who fueled her flight. Then, there were the Passions, Fires who burned her heart into purest gold.


i think she is waking up. she sure slept for a long time. do you think she would make a good comrade. it's too early to tell. are you sure she is a Jew. yes, we've checked all the records.

Harvard 1

Trisha Trousseau arrived at Harvard University in the Fall of 2011. She wore sunglasses and kept away from most students. Her new name was Rachel Eckermann.

Working Class Blues

I love those women who tap their fingers, waiting waiting how long must we be waiters or waitresses? I remember working as a waiter in a Japanese Restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC?


do not let the overflow of love overwhelm my heart with sorrow, your lusty eyes, your sweet excess has driven me near the cliffs of madness. my heart weeps into the night


I must admit I am Lost inside myself. I don't know how to get out, I've thrown away the key and it's about to storm. Help! I may drown into the dawn. Shall I be ashamed

With the sword of the sun, the shine

progresses, do not break me down into pieces with the shines of the sun, taking off my masks and envy, cutting off the lust of my body, greening my flesh til it turns into virtual death.

Harvard 2

"Our economy is at a standstill. Nothing is going to get us through this," One horseman stated while drinking scotch.

Harvard 3

Was I sure of anything anymore? I had been so sure of killing those spies, those spies who had threatened US security, who had betrayed us, me. Now, I wondered what the point of it all was?


it's here and when the leaves fall, the light strikes it, baked yellow and orange. the leaves curl inward over time, having displayed its dying colors, it closed

Has it been?

so many nights when the moon over and over again bathes in streams looking for dead lovers, sighing after lulls of love, pauses of not knowing. we met in secret

Don't you forget about me 1

I can't forget about her. No matter how much I try to scrub her out of my mind, I just can't. She's stuck inside of me like some piece of gum that I've accidentally swallowed.

Don't you forget about me 2

"Can I please speak to Kevin?" "Kevin not home," his mother said. "Can you give him a message?" There was a pause... "What is message?" his mother asked.

Don't you forget about me 3

There she was again... Brook. She looked so beautiful to Kevin. Her blue eyes looked like stars in space. Her blond hair looked like the rays of a warm and embracing sun.

So many times

you are there in the holes, in the mirrors of my imagination, comforting kindness cuts, flashes of true emotion floods then flutters. you soothe me, your bright halo burns my blood

Don't you forget about me 4

Kevin wondered what a good chink was as opposed to a bad chink. Was a good chink a chink who obeyed his parents and loved Korea? Was a bad chink someone who loved white girls and caused a riot?

Don't you forget about me 5

Did she really like me? Why would she like me though? I am not handsome and sporty like those boys who hung around her, basking in her light. I was cute though. Did she like cute?

Don't you forget about me 6

"Brook," Kevin said. Then he tried to look into her eyes. It was hard. He was so overwhelmed by her. "What, Kevin?"

Don't you forget about me 7

"Hello, may I speak to Brook?" Jennifer asked. "May I ask who this is?" Brook's mother asked.

Don't you forget about me 8

Jennifer looked at Kevin. Kevin was looking down at his lap. "I don't think I love Brook anymore," he blurted. "Why?" "I just don't." "You were so obsessed with her."

Don't you forget about me 10

Kevin walked to school with a serious face. He felt like he was wearing a mask but he didn't care. He wasn't going to be funny and cute anymore. He wanted more than anything to be taken seriously.

Korean-American Psycho 1

I am a faceless being. I don't mean that I don't have eyes, ears, lips and a canvas on which those forms exist. I mean that I have completely lost my ego.

Korean-American Psycho 2

When I woke up, I realized that she had tied ropes around the bed so that I could not move. "What's the idea?" he asked. "I have a few questions for you." she answered.

Korean-American Psycho 3

She sat at the bar, waiting. She was like a spider waiting for a fly to get stuck in her web. Someone sat next to her, looked around a little bit and then ordered a Corona.

Korean-American Psycho 4

"It's quite a place. Why do you have all these pictures of handsome men on the wall? I'm a bit jealous." "Former boyfriends," she answered. "Is my picture going to be on the wall also?"

Korean-American Psycho 5

She remembered: "So what makes you want to become a killer?"

Korean-American Psycho 6

She remembered: "So you blame the white man?" "Yes." "But there are yellow men, black men, and Hispanic men who get away with crime also. O.J. Simpson for one." "I just kill the white man."

Mother and Daughter 1

I am a Korean and very proud of it. Our history has been a tough one. Very tough. I am proud of it. I emigrated out of South Korea because my husband was cheating on me and he could not stop.

Mother and Daughter 2

I am seven. My mother and I are moving to America. My mother tells me that dad is staying in Korea for a while. I will miss him although he was rarely home.

Mother and Daughter 3

I feel alone and yet free. I can't believe I left my husband to come to America. I did not know my will was so strong. My daughter, she is with me, yet I feel alone. I can't help this feeling.

Mother and Daughter 4

I wanted to kill my husband, my daughter's father. He just would not stop cheating on me. I asked him why he cheated, if I was not enough for him and he told me that he deserved affairs.

Where does life come from?

or where does new life come from, from rain, just like for the plants, we tear rain let go of old sorrows, cry and drink out what has wounded us, drained us made us hate life with all our fists.

Who lies behind the masks

behind the blind of the mask, the story untold is the river of deep sounds. the water washes away the masks, lets them go like bird in the sky, uncaged, you let go of the masks

first love

i thought you were too cute too unbelievably beautiful for me and then seeing you, dating you talking to you via the phone, it was more than i could ask for, and then when you laughed

What's missing from my life

Is adventure, the opening of the heart To joy, to being Breathing my bliss Threading through and through. What has made me so afraid? The dark waters in me flood

The Cult

Gabriel sat in the comfortable seat with his eyes almost closed. From the center of the ceiling, he could see a bright, sharp light hitting the two bodies. The Spring Equinox popped into his mind.

The Cult 2

Gabriel entered his room. He took off his mask. Half of his mask was black and the other half white. He was tired. He wanted to sleep on the bed. Knock! Knock! It's open. Come in.

Morning After 1

I am in a deep ocean. It is breathing. It's so nice in here with all these fish swimming around. I hear a voice above the waters but I can't make out the words.

Morning After 2

"There is nothing wrong with his brain. It is performing perfectly. The surgery on his brain was a complete success. His physical functions are also fine.

Morning After 3

"So you don't remember a thing about my daughter," Rachel's father said. "Not one thing. I know this is horrible, but it's the truth. I remember you though," Jay said.

Morning After 4

"There really is no context." "They really mean that the context is only temporary. Look at any text. It occurs at a certain time and in a certain place. That is context. The text is not absolute."

Morning After 5

Jay Lee worked in the law office for six hours without taking any kind of break.

Morning After 6

"Everything is a text," Rachel stated definitively.

Morning After 7

"Do you think she knows that you are having an affair?" Julie asked. "She doesn't suspect a thing. She's still angry that my memory has chosen to forget her exclusively," Jay responded.

Morning After 8

"I want you to stop," Rachel said. "stop what?" "Stop fucking Julie." "I can't really have sex. I blackout." "Stop seeing her." "I'm sorry."


I don't know who I am anymore. NOT LIKE I knew who I was before, but I feel drained of my feelings. The truth is... I don't even know how to have feelings. My father: he works all the time.

Lost 2

Claire Kim eyed Brian pityingly. "Have you accepted Christ as your savior yet?" "No. Can you pray for me?"

Lost 3

The thing is I really like Claire. She's fucking hot, at least for a Korean even though she does not have those large boobs that Caucasian or black girls have.

Lost 4

Brian's Father cried for a long time. His tears were hot and filled with repressed feelings. He wondered what had happened to filial piety.

The Face

On my 13th birthday, my Father gave me a present. It was the first time that he ever gave me a present that was not money. He left the present in my room and I was very curious as to what it was.

The Face 2

The FACE stared at him. He stared at the FACE. Should he wear it... He stared at himself in the mirror. He looked into his dark eyes. Did he hypnotize himself? Should he wear it...

The Face 3

He sat quietly in his seat, waiting for his Father to take the first bite of rice. Then, he began to eat rice, kimchi, chi-gae, and other foods. But he could not taste the food.

Face 4

He tried to think about how many human beings his ancestors had eaten already.

Missing You

Don't leave me in the rain In the wind In the snow you have meant so much to me, your voice a spiritual whisper, a slipper of delight, don't footprint me knowing how I need you love you

Where do Korean-Americans fit in in a Postmodern America 1

Recently I read an article in the New York Times about Asians in New York and the rigorous way they prepared for standarized tests to get into the top public high schools.

Where do Korean-Americans fit in in a Postmodern America 3

There are a few distinct differences between Jews and East-Asians. Jews, in general, are more liberal than East-Asians.

Where do Korean-Americans fit in in a Postmodern America 4

The definition of WASP has changed over time. No longer does the anagram refer to Northern European White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Elites who once were the ruling class.

Ouvrir le fair

you ask me if i love you to fair and forbear... you lovely twisted blonde hair a veritable english heir. your estate is luxurious, your curves bendacious, boldacious, crude.

Night hairs the tread of stars

i do not know what to say the whirrlled is overly complex, a spider web constructed deconstrued by a Spider. i want to tell you about koreans who work so hard but hardly know their children


let me tell you about heartache voids of the mind strokes of time slicing Koreans are silent either because they are overwhelmed or thinking or listening to their interior monologues


I am one of you as strange as it may sound cause I'm culturally so liberal. I am a christian methodist by heart who believes we should utilize all religious believers of all faiths

Plato and Ayn Rand and other things

Plato believed in the primacy of the idea. Ayn Rand, in the primacy of the thing. cultural producers have an idea and they make the thing, the product. it is mass produced for the people.

my love for you will ne'er e'er die, no dust to collect for prize

i will love you to the end of eternity's gate, singing songs of butterflies and dyes nothing you do will e'er tell me to hate colour all the lineaments of my lust with horny twists

Forgive me, Purify me Lord...

forgive and purify me Lord, judge me Lord how self-indulgent i am how sinful cleanse me of my sins and make me presentable to your Grace. Lord, Bless those who come in need


thank you so much you are really much too divine for me has your experience in the Skulls and Bones sharpened your brain? how i miss you so very very much not much to say but thank you.

land of the spirits

heinrich zimmer spoke of a land of the spirits or of souls there our potentialities live out their lives fantasies almost since they are ne'er realized in life.

Godfather: Revenge or Justice

The Godfather begins with a close-up of an Italian-American making a confession. It is not a confession about himself but about his daughter.

Lord Byron

How i wish i were Lord Byron cynical, dashing, and romantic writing poems from heart to art waking souls, waking turbulent emotions. how i wish i could swim the Hellespont

Let me love you to the blinds of death

let me love you to the blinds of Death, stretch out your dark, black hair make me a bridge let me know the lineaments of your body, the dearlings of your soul...

If Thou Would Not Love Me, Holy Spirit

If Thou would not love me, what is it about me that i should change? i suppose Thee are like a Mother to the Son and Father the Virgin spiritualized be. I long and long for thee

let my soul to bend be thru and thru

do not desert me, Lord be with me thru and thru let me not be intoxicated with wine, sing the songs of drunken sailors lost in the mind of relationships, hurt like a deer hurt like a fool.

Happy Holidaze

Synthesis -- through holes of mind stars rain down butterfly-style and don on the colors of snowflakes, Christ came down the airs and filled the pleroma with spiritual tension --

When Christ's blood sped through

the whirlled of the bodhi at the moment of communion, knowing the salvation which flutters like doves over us all white and slim taking with it all that we desire to have

What has happened?

What happened to those beautiful and light Jewish faces which light up like candles illuminate cherish love and pure feelings religious overflow that was so giving to others?

Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage 1

Michael Porter is one of the great interpreters of the business world. There is Stephen Covey, but Stephen Covey focuses heavily on human resources and their capacities.

Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage 2

From the suppliers, one gets all the tools to make a "pizza." If one decides to go with a franchise, one gets the advantage of the low-costs that are extended to the franchisor.

Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage 3

So is everything is dependent upon context as the Postmodernists say, is individuality dead?

Please Wait

do not accuse me of such things, it is untrue... as your image is divine minted with the flavors of the Holy Spirit, your love transparents... my devotion to you is as true

Thinking of You

stretch out your hands and touch the sky, let your mind unwind swirl away your negative thoughts... see the glorious creation of God. let us kiss each day as if it were the last

Pride and Prejudice

When one speaks racism, one must speak of pride. It is the pride of one race over another race that causes racism.

Pride and Prejudice 2

As a Korean-American, I often feel an anxiety of cultural influence from both South Korea and America.

Pride and Prejudice 3

I suppose, in one way, it does make me a racist.

Pride and Prejudice 4

Some academics think that all the stages that Western nations have experienced need to be reexperienced by Asian countries.

I have seen you sometime before

I have seen you sometime before before the light began to glow heads abuzz with ideas, before the lights began to glow. I have wandered through the streets seeking solace in my loneliness.

I have imagined stars

to be happier than I, shining from so far away so cold they look although they are actually hot. My self was broken and damaged looking like the pieces of a dying art I was driven to despair

It's so hard to let go of you

i cant say why but it's so hard. i'm trying and trying and trying and its still hard hard as nails stuck in time unwilling to let go of the wood. you come inside of me like a spirit


the decapitated heads of flowers fall, slanted, down the airs over and over and over to create a whiteness that shines. Spring breaks through as sunlight breaks through clouds

The Waiting Room

"What is your name?" "Henry Lee." She took out an Ipad and punched in his name. "I'm afraid your name is not in the Book of Life." "What do you mean? I accepted Jesus Christ when I was 13."

What a World

The Post Office is 16 billion dollars in the Red but Obama can't save it, but he saved the auto industry, didn't he? Why should corporations support such an inefficient government?

Sexism 1

Sexism is actually racism against the female race. The female race is seen as possessing certain characteristics that are different from and...

Sexism 2

Athena: Anglo-Saxon culture has appropriated ancient Greek culture like much of the rest of Europe. Nowadays, the Greek Goddesses are forms of female...

Sexism 3

Medusa : This archetype is the most dangerous of all female archetypes. This image represents the fully sexualized and intellectually realized...


Aphrodite is the Goddess of sexual love. These types involve women who try to find life's truths through physical love. They are light and do not...

reflections in morn tied bare

i wonder where i am, lost/ whereever i have been before/ the cold air outside rusts my soul/ makes my hope balloon out to thrust/ so much to do, so...

Conversations with God 4

Now the religious pecking order in the United States is fairly complex. Americans are a fairly argumentative people and more logos-minded than other...

Mask 4

"It's rather bright outside, isn't it?" "You're talking about the moon?" "Yes, it's so bright and white, like your face." I was a bit taken back. It...


i have looked at faces and wondered... what has the face seen, has it seen nine death in a row, chatting herself alive in the midst of morning, has...

Faces 2

the cat has nine lives and so do some women's faces. women reinvent themselves, revirginate themselves, women seem to be capable of infinite change...

Faces 3

Stephen King is a great American writer and he's style of writing is quite beautiful. when i was institutionalized for bipolar disorder, i read one...

Faces 4

i went to a lecture on the Yom Kippur War a few days ago. I really love Israel. I used to love America, but much of my love for America has...

Political Correctness in America 1

political correctness has gone haywire in the united states and it mainly serves to sustain a class-based culture and promote an absolute relativity...

Political Correctness in America 2

It is not difficult to see where political correctness began and it has expanded its reach beyond the academia. If anyone has seen "One Flew Over the...

Political Correctness in America 3

Now I am not supporting "complete honesty" in regard to what we think about others. Complete honesty can be a deadly thing. Amos Oz talks about...

Political Correctness in America 4

In some senses, political correctness is not a liberal movement. It is also conservative. I don't know if conservatives have had any hand in shaping...

The Gambler 1

I'm a gambler. I'm a forgetter. I'm a misanthrope also. I'm sick to death of people. They really make me sick in the stomach and I feel like I got...

Gambler 2

I love gambling more than anything else in the world. I just have no sense of time when I gamble. Does time really exist, I wonder? It does not seem...

Gambler 3

I get back to the hotel at 3:00 A.M. I open the door as quietly as possible and head straight to my bed. I want to sleep. The lights turn on. She's...

Gambler 4

I immediately take all my money out of the safe in the hotel and go to a graveyard I know. I start digging. There is a safe inside the ground, with...

Gambler 5

"So what do you do?" "I gamble." "What are your hobbies?" "Killing spies." The guy looks at the 16 year old girl and then back at me. "Your friend is...

Gambler 6

Parties are not really my thing. Sometimes I have to attend and most of my fellow members of Achilles Heel are going to be there. Carolyn is going to...

Gambler 7

Numbers. Sequence of Numbers. IS there any order? Can numbers go like the roller coaster? Can I ride the highs and coast through the lows? 432...

Gambler 8

"I don't love him anymore." "Love fades. You're going to Switzerland." Day after day after day of oblivion. There is no relief. No relief. Pictures...

Financing 1

The elevator shot him and her into a very elegant French restaurant in New York City. About them were dark skies and bright stars. He was feeling...

J.F.K. I

The three letters, J.F.K., have always held a magical meaning for me. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Youngest President of the United States. Upperclass...


New Money, Dirty Money: People like to make a distinction between old and new money. Old money people are classy, disciplined, and somehow more moral...


What sticks out with J.F.K. is his charisma. Charismatic leaders are both a plus and a minus. Hitler was a charismatic leader and he was a monster...


WE often speak of mythology as lies. George Orwell, in "Why I Write," states "political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder...

Pursuit of Happiness

be happy don't worry blow bubbles enjoy the moment don't wear sunglasses join a group and if you don't like it join another group you'll see someone...

Ugly Steve and His Gang

i gotta tell ya, it's damn boring in this country with almost nothing to do and nothing more to say, cause i gots a mind and a brain and it needs...

Ugly Steve and His Gang 2

we're drivin small and mad and bad dressed to the tip of fashion and fakin british accents, not very good ironywise than other, BMW hums like nice...

Ugly Steve and His Gang 3

i learned my trade in africa, working with my golden companions, me the the yellowest bastard in the whirlled, they took me in as a stoleaway, taught...

Ugly Steve and His Gang 4

hey hey hey i tells ya it's all been rigged political correctness is a joke making you a slave to the status quo white girls making eyes at you but...

the revolution

the revolver coldly still ignites bullets of wonder the revolution is not going to be through the gun but through the organizing of our souls...

One More Day

one more day of revolution dreaming of a time when we will be free of mind, soul, and being. how hard it is to watch these things if a white person...

US Economy Fixes 1

Income inequality is one of the concerns of the liberal US government. It is true that there is a widening gap between the rich and poor and it is...

Hamlet: An Interpretation 1

To attempt an interpretation of a text is an attempt to deconstruct the cultural context of a text and to understand the underlying causes of the...

Hamlet: An Interpretation 4

Hamlet is an excellent reader of people. Yes, he does resort to stereotypes. Polonius is a fish-monger. He is prostituting his daughter, Ophelia, for...

Hamlet: An Interpretation 5

Sophocles is not absolutely one of my heroes. He is the most conformist of all great Greek playwrights. Oedipus Tyrannos is not one of my favorite...

Black Swan

Black Swan is a beautiful, endearing movie about the pains and traumas of acculturation. It is difficult to acculturate to any culture. As a Korean,...

Black Swan 2

It seems rather indifferent of me to think of this film as an expression of social games, but that's exactly what it is. First, how does White Swan...

Black Swan 3

Gregory Nagy's understanding of Homer's Iliad presents an elegant solution to the problems that Postmodernism and Poststructuralism is presenting in...

Black Swan 4

Postmodernist feminist critical discourse asserts that a text is necessarily a seduction. If we look at Black Swan as a text, a visual language...

Rain II

you are a nonpariel god's grace flows through you floams of his superfluous beauty fluttering with the Romanovian eagles who eat the heart of...

Is mind reading possible?

is mind reading possible? no. i'd like to stop there, but it is something i think about. i am a disciple of Theognis of Megara, who was a sicilian...

is mind reading possible? 2

Mind reading requires an identification with the other, the other person's mind that you are trying to read. Like minds experience like thoughts. For...

Claire II

you are gorgeosity, a mixed bag, you pump me up in order to destroy me like an act out of SNL you literally kill me until I can barely breath. Stop,...

The current economy

The current economy is a mystery. The current economy comes from the tension between the historical forces that created the Industrial Revolution,...

A Russian Spy 1

"Can you always win in tic-tac-toe?" he asked. Yuri knew the answer. "No." What if you were given the first four moves? "I would choose all corners...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, May all your wishes come true as true as true is blue. May Christ come down the chimney and bless you with...

Korean American Comedian 2

Hello everyone. I'm back again. The Korean-American comedian. IS there anyone out there? "Do you eat kim-chi?" Yes, I eat kim-chi. Actually kim-chi...

If I met Jesus

if I met Jesus I would tell him how much I love him for saving me from Satan the mousetrap, how he has a heart of gold more delicate than the players...

Santa Claus

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas, I am riding my reindeer train to deliver your presents for the nice for the naughty and the naughty and nice Merry...

What is Christmas?

This question has confounded me since I was very young. By the way, my Korean name is Young Hwan. I am an eternally youthful person because of Jesus...

A Knightess' Death

She was a nonpareil of such divine stuff made as to make jealous the green eye of ambrosia, her acting so Puritan and Precise as to make the clock...

New Year's 2013

much to say, much to know curious questions to ask the snow, of resolution made and not kept, unwilling to change, willing to rage. A year of inner...

Give us Victory

Give us Victory over the Immortals of Never-Ear, Ove the rightists of Europe Anti-Semitic viruses who have sloughed off Judeo-Christian Culture and...

How to die dramatically

One must constantly ponder one subject these days. That is, "How to Die Dramatically." No one cares how you lived anymore. People assume that you...

How to die dramatically 2

YES, you are on your deathbed. Somehow, your closest relatives, your closest family members are expecting you to change your will. You have given a...

workingclass blues

i got the workingclass blues, baby don't know my name. got the workingclass blues, baby don't got no job. i ain't got nothun to do baby just wish me...

Oh Baby

Oh Baby don't leave me now just when I need you like a shooter needs a gun, like a rope around a thief's neck, don't leave me now just when I love...

Nirvana Industries

There are stars in space, The sun itself is a star which is at the center of our galaxy. The earth spins around the sun. There are mirrors which not...

homeless and yellow 1

I'm homeless. I've got no place to go. I ran away from home. I ran away from friends. I was just sick of them. I did not know what to do. When my...

homeless and yellow 2

In the morning, I go to an ASIAN ANONYMOUS meeting. It's just all of us yellow folk getting together and talking about our problems. Hello, my name...

being sober

i've been sober for 40 days now. my back aches. i don't feel well. my body is suddenly realizing that it's almost 42 years old. my butt farts at...

being sober 2

i have work hard the last 2 months. i try not to overthink things. when you overthink things, you can get paralyzed. i'm trying to change my little...

being sober 3

another sober day. i feel extremely tired in the morning though. i need coffee. i need artificial stimulants, substitutes for alcohol. i'm trying not...

being sober 4

couldn't sleep last night. random and speeding thoughts. falling stars of the mind twilight. watched kramer vs kramer on comcast. i wonder why they...

emotional retardation

i think now that what lay at the heart of my drinking was emotional retardation. my emotions had stopped growing when i was around 13. that's when i...

the body

i feel pain. it's the kind of pain i associated with poor people. my face feels stripped. i feel decultured and deconditioned. at the heart of it, my...

global economy and synergy

when i read about the global economy and the wage difference between CEO's and other managers and employees... when i read that the wages difference...

the crime is the punishment 3

dark were the streets. lights fallen from the sky. the loopy drive, the straight drive. the highways and the byways. green signs telling you where to...

the crime is the punishment 4

this is our campus. what is that over there that looks like a planetarium, trisha asked. that's the energy center. it supports all our electricity...

the crime is the punishment 5

i know. your father was murdered by a bunch of moslem holligans. it must have made you reflective... thinking does not solve the problem. TRISHA...

good americans

i see that i am too negative. i always see the worst intentions in people. i don't trust anyone. so i'm trying to see the good in americans. today, i...

calire ii

behold the hyperdrive of the Pleides your darling royal hair those were diamonds that were your eyes streaming into your blue blood... cut off the...

claire iii

your beaute est a moi toute le tempe snowflakes drifting into a cyclone dry cycle whirl your hair blinds me as a bull is blinded RED in the mind with...

boycotting america i

asian-americans need to start boycotting american businesses. i myself have noticed that at many restaurants, i am placed at the back of the...

constructs of individuality

the ego is a construct created by primary tensions within a culture, in the greek-secular culture there is pride-humility, aptheosis-god, nobility-...

claire iv

note flowing through the air, the sight of you thou vision. to say i love you would be a profane utterance but then deign your ear to hear to cup...

how to fix america ii

iii. welfare system - give the citizen time to adjust from the dependent system to the independent system. most people work a limited number of hours...

chariots of fire i

this is a truly inspirational movie, a movie worth watching. but on second viewing, i found some scenes difficult to watch. it was difficult to watch...

let me tell you

about endless night and loneliness where a young, beautiful girl as bold as a lioness is raped and killed off by 2... ******* and another, just...

chariots of fire iii

Eric Liddell runs for the glory of God. his kleos is linked to the fear and love of God, not self-deification. Eric's primary synergy is with God,...

Marlon Brando: Views

Marlon Brando. Method Acting. Stella Adler. His teacher. Marlon screaming Stella during Streetcar. The Passion of Marlon Brando. Marlon's bisexuality...

Rape i

Rape is certainly not an easy subject to deal with. It's a very serious subject and can equal social death for a woman besides the transmission of...

Rape Conclusion

It has become apparent to me that the mechanics of rape is exactly the same as the mechanics of scapegoating. If one is to believe that competition...

China 5

The target sign for the Target Store is very zen. The comedy of Jerry Seinfeld is very zen. Zen is really nothingness and the comfort of nothingness...

Trisha Trousseau: Rebooted

Trisha elevated her mood to the 33 level. Two eyes opened. Stars sped into her eyes. Goddess. 432. Her green-blue eyes leaved, a slight tear near the...

Trisha Trousseau: Rebooted 2



Psychology abounds in movies themed with cartoonish characters blooming out of digital databits. In "Frozen", a charming little tattletilly coming...

Frozen 2

Elsa: I am not a cold person. OK, I am a cold person, but what am I supposed to do? What would you do? I am a princess, a PRINCESS and everyone wants...

Shall I compare thee

To attempt an interpretation is an impossibility. When I say "dog," I may be referring to a dog with one leg. Of course it has three crippled legs,...

reflections on a golden Eye

I was young, I was innocent. i was living in narbeth, pennsylvania. the year was 1985 or circa. times were different back then. i was a girl child,...

recherche du temp perdu

when i was around 13, the age of sacrifice, when sexuality begins to play a role in one's life, i lived in the town of narbeth, pennsylvania. it was...

howl: a citation i

i see the best minds of the new generation, blowing their minds with drugs, wanting to experience everything through time which is eternally present...

howl: ii

oh let me speak of pain and God's loss, stroking the bead of our grief, losing all sense and manners, knowing only the moment, crawling through space...

do not forget me so quickly

or brush me aside like an old fashion statement, making me unto myself a mere imitation, remember how you once loved me for even more than 30 seconds...


do not forget these hands have seen the same faces as you, dug the same graves. we are not so different, not so determined by the shape of cards, we...

how can you think

i have betrayed you again, i have only betrayed you 2 or 3 times, just to test you. you are much more brave, much more filled with passion than the...


do you expect me to tell you 1001 tales to cure your boredom? How can I? How long and twisted can my imagination be? the world is dull, i must admit...

My King

how dare you think i've deserted you? do you think i have drawn out my eastern roots, threaded out my desire and lost my senses in lust? i'm loyal...

Let the curtain of the night

Be drawn, The stars showered down Upon us Like rainfalls Descending the staircase. The stars are sailors Drunk and stone-silent, dazed by the glow of...

Look around, open your pearls

Don't you see the web of stupidity? They call the poor Racists But the poor have to deal with multiculturalism Competition from foreign labor, Being...

Yeouido, South Korea i

it's been a while since i've been to yeouido. yeouido is a business and media center in korea. i've always liked yeouido. tonight, i'm looking out...

Yeouido, South Korea ii

i like to go for short walks in the city in the morning. it's not as hot in the morning. there are twenty four hour restaurants with korean style...

Yeouido, South Korea iii

culture is transmitted through the media, the church, the family, signs, symbols etc. it conveys meaning as a sign, a signature, a nuance. language...

Yeouido, South Korea v

my kind cousins are paying for my trip to Jejoudo, an island in South Korea. It's beautiful here. palm trees imported from California or elsewhere...

Yeouido, South Korea vi

hurry hurry hurry don't do this love those who are near and dear don't greet enemies. people come and go prices for food are cheap even with a 10%...


why do you wail and toil and let others rule when you have the power? the upperclass no longer sacrfices its best as war commanders or otherwise,...

do you realize...

how stupid anglo-american power agenda is? it's really to make the rich richer everywhere and hope it funnels down politically ti's a bliblically...

Speak Goddess

speak through me Goddess, fire my soul with the truth and show me the ways of men of heroes cast into hades food for worms and red ants... how evil...

A Pet

Can we please get it mom? it's so cute. I love it, love it, love it. it's so expensive. it's a korean pet. it looks exotic. look at those eyes. those...

A Pet 2

all the cats around the neighborhood wanted to throw a party for the pet. the korean pet had long, luxurious hair that seemed to go on forever,...

A Pet 3

Nibbles went over the rainbow into his home. It was dark and lonely. He was tired from the party. Everyone was such a bore. He did not quite know...

A Pet 4

When the pet woke up in the morning, he was a catog again, a combination between a cat and a dog. He licked himself clean and lolled around. he...

A Pet 5

the catog returned home late again and the daughter was watching him. he went over to drink his chocolate milk. he licked and licked and licked 'til...

a Pet 6

the catog woke up in the morning and went out again. in his pocket, he found an invitation to a party that the cats were throwing for him. the party...

a Pet 7

each days passes, burns to the next from rages to fades to the hands of sages, turning from page to page, each days becomes more and more like...

A Pet 8

the catog woke up in the morning and rubbed his eyes with his fluffy feet. He carefully lapped his milk and then wandered around the house. the...

A Pet 9

The daughter went in to the Houghton Library. Encased in glass was the first Witch Book from roughly the 11th century A.C.E. The woman portrayed on...

A Pet 10

the catog went to his home, the pond into which a small watefall flowed. one again, he found an invitation to a party. he groomed he purrily spiked...


milady, i bow down to thee, thou art made of such stuff as warriors are made of, thine persian blood blackens with the velocity of angels, have pity...

A Pet 11

so i'm being sacrificed. yes. why. because you have sexual feelings for me. besides you are evil. am i a sacrifice or a ritual substitute? what do...


hear my prayer as you tread upon the stars with wedded eyes unpearling in the night garlanding the moon. all the ships must sail in the same...


trust not your instincts, be counterintuitive, i will shuffle off this mortal coil this discourse of naked reason and flesh for thee. you know tis...


tis true thou art superior to me... you command your naval ships with a beauty beyond belief every rose reveals a thorn. why must you hate me though...


excuse me Queen for the misspelling... thou art more fair than Aphrodite and not as flighty. show your enemies your true self, honor those who are...


our deal was sealed in the mad Aegean under a wine-dark sky, we had an agreement, honor me in this and do not deny me the pleasure of knowing kleos...


wherefore Roman are thou? slinking in self-pity whereas wealth surrounds you like a Magic Mountain, crying what? crying pity, pity does mend with...

Why I Write 1

I think of myself as rather a simple person. Writing has never been easy for me. For one, we, in America, live in a non-historical culture that makes...

Why I Write 2

I don't really enjoy going out to places anymore. I don't enjoy talking. I often find myself assuming an English accent to avoid stupid and...

Why I write 4

To say that we are heading toward a classless and raceless society is a assumption I never quite understood. First of all, what is meant by classless...

Why I Write 5

I really don't understand the cultural signals nowadays. If culture is a system through whose veins messages are transmitted as signs, signal, and...

Why I Write 6

to define class is a very difficult thing. There are as many definitions of class as there are contexts to class. In the past, I've always thought...


you have unwenched yourself and freed thee from my curse, soul to soul bleed our coarse recourse be. i seek thee in the forest, i seek thee in the...

psalms 1

forgive me Lord, do not relentlessly search to kill every little bit of evil in me for if you do, what need have I for Christ? forgive me my...

psalms 2

create in me my Lord a clean heart a bold heart destroy mine enemies as they are yours... cleanse this world of the world of sin as they seek to...

my fairest hawk

u have proved yourself to be the best flight pilot through streams of air blowing past all ventures, kill all the eagles and eat our their hearts til...

Lights, Camera, Action

ACTION! Leave me alone. You always want to be left alone. God does not leave you alone. God never deserts you, Why did I have to marry a Catholic?...

Lights, Camera, Action 3

sounds bounce off the wall, breaking into incoherent tidbits, sounds breaks off the wall, start to dance in a trance. Roman, please come in. Susan...

Walden Pond, 08.31.2014

the waters run like steeds melifluous pleats dwelling on the surface... i remember On Golden Pond when a net of stars dawned on the waters aquamarine...

a light

a light from a firefly is enough to breath constellations of stars through bends of space through bends of drops, one can ear melodies of such...

Vivien Trousseau 1

Vivien stared at trisha in a time loop and then looked down. -You want to marry Jason Kang? -Yes. -For what reason? -I love him. -Everyone whom you...

Vivien Trousseau 2

Francis Evan sized up Roman Lee. -Don't say you're well connected. -What should I say? -I'm well-heeled. Sounds more natural. Roman Lee practiced...

Vivien Trousseau 3

Every time someone moved, the lights shot onto that person. The intoxicating music of Electronic Harmonics filled the air like the smell of old wine...

Vivien Trousseau 4

Robert came from the shadows and sat next to Vivien. -How are you? -Tired. -Can you do something for me, for old times sake? -What? -Kill these...

Robin Williams

he was an unusual man... petrushka in a box, a spasmodic burst of talent waiting for someone to unlock that mysterious trompe l'oeil... bipolar...


do not accuse me of being a grammarless fool, you know well the speed of my thought is hampered by punctuation. do not accuse me of returning wrong...

Nadine Gordimer

There is no woman like her... When she was young, she was singularly beautiful a pearl awash with thunder compares... her eyes, all gems filled with...

nadine gordimer

her writing is so subtle and so playful, so truthful and yet so sublime... her measured, distant stance... she is so polite and yet so truthful... it...


bend your tears through streams of arrows, hit the mark hit the mark. Nothing is impossible with God, Nothing is impossible with God. through the...


they came after the Korean War... they only wanted the pretty ones who entertained them... women were desperate for survival they married the...

Escaping From China

I escaped from China like I escaped from new York... Crazy country of the Golden Age made me wash toilets and soldiers screwed me up the asshole of...

Blade Runner 1

How many years do I have to live? 2 years. My family. They'll be taken care of. His dark, brown eyes opened. Fire burned through those eyes. Fiery...

Anti-Semitism 1

There's a rise in Anti-Semitic feeling in the US and abroad. People seem to feel that Jewish aggression in the Middle East is the root of all our...

Anti-Semitism 2

The way to attack Anti-Semitism and Anti-Asianism head on is to wage an economic war on businesses that support these types of attitudes. Also, we...

Anti-Semitism 3

I really don't understand liberal economics if there is such a thing as liberal economics. From what I listen to on the radio, liberals want the $15...

Anti-Semitism 4

Liberals also tend to think of Europe as some kind of progressive model. But the truth is, there is a lot of things that are good about Europe...

The Deer Hunter 1

Artemis took out her bow early in the morning. She walked down the stairs with the bow and parked it in the back of her station wagon. She took out...

Artemis 2

October is the most glorious month in New Hampshire. The leaves deck themselves out for the parade of death, multicolored and crispy. Like a tent, it...

Artemis 3

Artemis was a beautiful Chinese girl with long silky hair. The Yellow Silk road flowed through her veins. Between the intersection of Ya Lue and Yeng...

Artemis 4

Artemis was dressed to the tee in a Navy uniform. Honor... Integrity... Excellence... Those were the words that she treasured most. "Gentlemen, you...

Artemis 5

-Does she know that she is government property, that she has no mother or father. -No, she doesn't. -What does she know? -She suspects nothing. -She...

Artemis 6: Strictly for the Birds

"Who are you?" "I am your commander." "Where am I?" "That's a good question. Where are you?" "I'm in an aircraft, the Dragonfly Magnet." "Yes." "How...

Artemis 6: Strictly For the Birds

-4 minutes to destination. -Press amenities. -Artemis pressed Amenities. A bottle of wine and a glass slowly appeared on a shelf. -What is this? -$...

Artemis: In Medias Res

IMS, REM: Artemis was the star of a party held in her glorious name... in Club Ecstasy. She was very happy. She had fulfilled her mission. "Artemis,...

Artemis: Come as You are

Analyst : So, let me try to understand what you are saying. They just dumped you on a Dragonfly Magnet and expected you to exterminate 6 Viper...

Mill Pond, Nashua NH

I go fishing there. In the morning, streaks of orange and red color the sky down the air down the clouds, laundered by zephyrs, winds... it is...

Clockwork Yellow 2

it's been like ages since i've seen daylight. buried underneathe the earth for so long, i had even forgotten eternity. there was nothing left for me...

Clockwork Yellow 3

i'm drivin and drivin. if the millicents catch us, we all plead diplomatic immunity. that means that i can do bloody well as i please. we have the...

Clockwork Yellow 4

The gray-bellied clouds were moving across the sky like ships. The skyskimmers almost touched that sky, but flatly bellyflopped. Dolores was walking...

Clockwork Yellow 5

Lestat took Dolores into his arms and wrapped her with the dream of a thousand colors. They sped off into deep space. Their bodies slowly broke apart...

Clockwork Yellow 6

Il-yi-wa and Kuh-juh were left alone in their majestic apartment in Fifth Avenue. They were bored out of their witz and wondering what the fuck to do...